Tuesday, October 4, 2011

baby brooks: the first 3 weeks

*Don't be let down by the lack of photos in this post. Somehow iphoto was uninstalled from my computer and I can't get into all my photos. The ones I have here were still on my camera. And someone please tell me how to get iphoto back!! 

The first 3 weeks with Brooks have really flown by. I feel like our family is adjusting really well, besides Matt and I being a little more tired than usual. 

Of course the big brothers still love him to pieces, but I think the new is kind of wearing off. They are interested in him when he's in the room making noise or he's upset, but they've stopped asking where he is when he's in his crib and they can't find him. Honestly, this is a little bit of a relief for me. For the first couple of weeks they were constantly trying to find where he was sleeping, going in the room, trying to "help" but really waking him up and making things more complicated haha. We've been patient with them because it really is sweet how much they love him...but like I said, I am relieved that they aren't quite as obsessed as they were. Surprisingly, they are both very good helpers. I was expecting this from Brody, but I am pleasantly surprised at how willing Carson is to help with getting diapers, running for a burp cloth or blanket, etc. If only they would stay this way for the next 18 years...

What we've done the last 3 weeks:

Weekly visits from Andrea aka Dre Drea. We love our time with her!

Sip N' See - At 10 days old, we traveled to Aunt Leigh Ann's house in Houston for a Sip N' See shower. Family from both sides came to see him, most for the first time. We thought this was a fun way to have an essentials shower for him, but also create a way for out of town (and local) family to get to spend time loving on him. The next post will be details and photos from this shower. 

2 Week Checkup - At 2 weeks, he weighed 7lbs 14oz. When we left the hospital he was 6lbs 12oz. So he gained a pound in 2 weeks. I'd say he's eating well! Dr. Ransom said he looked great and was a healthy, growing boy. 

Although he is only almost 3 weeks old, he's already shown us there are certain things he likes, as well as a couple of dislikes. Who knew he'd be so opinionated this early!

Likes: Being swaddled, eating (praise the Lord!), his sleep sheep (thank you Beth for this sweet gift!), paci, his play gym

 Our little burrito. 

The sleep sheep plays various soothing sounds such as ocean waves and a trickling brook. It also has a little strap that lets you attach it to a car seat, etc to take on the go. We don't use this at every nap/bed time because I don't want him to be dependent on it to go to sleep, but I definitely turn it on when he's having a hard time drifting off. It usually works almost immediately. 

A little cross-eyed trying to focus on the toys. 

Dislikes: his gassy tummy. he gets so angry when he needs to burp or poop. baths. but i think he'll come around to those soon.

Hopefully I'll be good about posting once a week with updated photos of all 3 boys. But don't hold me to that...I do have a newborn and 2 other crazy boys to chase around.


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