Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brooks: 5 Weeks

Poor Brooks. His 1 month milestone was overshadowed by Brody's MDA appointment and the projects related to that that we've been working on. (More info to come soon but I'm sure most of you already know about some exciting things we're working on to help Brody's journey! But we'll detail them on here soon just in case someone missed out!)

Back to Brooks...This little man is growing like crazy. It amazes us how fast he changes. He looks different almost every day. And I think what we are most shocked about is that he does not look as much like the other 2 as we thought he would. For those who are rolling your eyes thinking "Yes he does, you just don't see it because you're his parents" well, we do admit that too. We do think he looks like them, especially their baby pictures, but we don't think he's the spitting image of either of them. He has light hair..both older boys had dark hair. He has blue eyes..and very deep blue eyes. We know they could still change and turn brown like the others. But for now, I'm holding tight to those blue eyes. And his complexion is more fair than the other 2. They were both born with olive skin.  So he's definitely his own little person!

He started smiling a week ago right at the one month mark. His little smiles are few and far between and he doesn't necessarily smile at us or because of anything we do. He mostly smiles at toys or random things like the wall as he's getting his diaper changed. But none the less, its still adorable. I can't wait for him to smile in response to us and to hear a little giggle from him. I know that's coming sooner than I think!

 I was trying to get a shot of him in his "tie" but he kept blocking it with his hands. We were going to a wedding for one of Matt's old roommates and he need to dress up :)

 A small smile..and a double chin...caught on camera.

 This is totally out of focus. But I had so save it. I love the look he's giving Brody.

I promise to keep posting more pictures. We're still trying to get into a routine with 3 kiddos so I've been forgetting to do things that I NEVER would have forgotten on the first born :)


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