Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Week Old - EDITED!

*I had a brain lapse and accidentally left off some important visitors that Carson had. I've edited that part.

This has been such a great week! I feel way more rested than I ever did for the first 3 months of Brody's life! Don't get me wrong..I'm tired. But nothing like I was with Brody. I didn't even want to get out of bed for days after I had Brody. However, Carson is a totally different baby. I'm thinking making it to full term made such a huge difference! He sleeps and eats so well. And when he's awake, he's so content. I'm trying not to get my hopes up that he's going to be this way forever because I know he's only a week old and things could change. But for now, its great!

There were a couple days this week that we were a little concerned bc we didn't think Carson was eating enough. He looked like he had a little bit of jaundice. He would sleep for hours and would never wake up to eat. When he did eat, he would only eat for like 5-10 minutes and be done. It scared me bc Brody did the same thing as a newborn and almost got dehydrated. So we went to see Dr. Rusty yesterday to have him checked out. We left there laughing. He does have a tiny amount of jaundice, but he was definitely eating enough! He was 8 lbs 7 oz at birth...he weighed 8 lbs 12 oz yesterday!! Apparently, he was eating like a champ those first few days in the few minutes that he was eating. He was getting so full that he just crashed and didn't need to wake up to eat every 2 hours like most babies. Dr. Rusty said do not wake this baby up to eat! Yesterday, he just naturally kicked in to a normal routine and was waking up to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours and eating for a while. And last night, I fed him when we went to bed at 11:30 and he woke up at 3:30 and not again until technically only one middle of the night feeding. It was AMAZING! I could definitely get used to this! So far, he seems to be such an easy baby. I think God knew that I might not have been able to handle another baby that was as high maintenance as Brody was.

We've had lots of visitors this week..and unfortunately, I never grabbed the camera to get photos of Carson with everyone. Not sure what I was thinking! He's already met some very important people in our lives, and still has more to come in the next few days! He's met all of his grandparents, and ALMOST all of his aunts and uncles. He'll meet Uncle Brent this weekend and hopefully he'll meet Uncle C pretty soon. Our hope group leaders, The Vandevanters, spent some time with us on Friday when we came home and Mrs. Kelli got to love all over him. Saturday morning he got to play with Asher and McKlayne when the Apels came over to visit. Kristin and David came to the hospital but they made a second stop to see him on Sunday afternoon. Sweet Andrea came over yesterday and brought him a sweet little gift. She had no idea that his room was done in cars, trucks, etc and just happened to bring him some little transportation accents for his room. It was perfect! And of course he spent some time with Caitlyn and Grant this week as well! This weekend he'll meet more great grandmothers and Uncle Brent and Cole.

Ok..I've rambled enough. Here are some pics from the week! He's changing every single day!

My favorite! Brody loves his "Bubba"

Brody likes his old baby toys.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Today's Update and Some Pictures

Because Carson is so healthy and we are doing so well, we get to go home today!! We are planning some time this afternoon. So for those of you that were planning on visiting us at the hospital, come to our house! It's better there anyways! Just call first to make sure we are home by then and its a good time.

I tried to make a slideshow of Carson's pictures, but I had here's a link to some facebook pics. CLICK HERE.
Even if you don't have facebook, it should let you view the photos. And of course, there will be PLENTY more photos to come. He looks so different than he did just yesterday so we'll be taking lots so we don't miss anything! Everyone says that on your second child you take less photos..we took 245 that good enough :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carson Jace Palermo

Carson weighed in at 8 lbs 7 oz. and measured 21 inches, even bigger than expected. Larra did very well throughout the delivery only pushing 15 minutes. She is very tired now so she is trying to get some rest while he is being monitored in the nursery. We have been moved to a post-partum room and we expect to have him back around 5:30. We can have visitors between then and 9:00, and anytime tomorrow. We will most likely be going home on Saturday morning. So anytime you want to come visit us either here or at home just call one of us ahead of time to check and make sure its a good time.

Brody's first meeting with his brother went great. I brought him in to meet him and he just pointed at Carson and said, "Bub-ba". He may not always like him that much but hopefully thats a good sign.

We will try and post pictures as soon as possible.

Thanks again for all of your prayers.

He's Here!!!

Carson Jace was born at 1:00 with lots of brown curly hair. He is quite a bit bigger than Brody was. They still haven't checked him out in the nursery. When they do we will update with more details. After they take him for about 3 hours we will be moved to another room and then we should be able to have visitors.

Labor Update # 5

Still waiting on the dr. to get here but it looks like when she does Larra can start pushing. They gave her medicine for the back pain so she is feeling better for now. Hopefully the next update will be that he is here and he is healthy. Larra is trying to go to sleep now so pray the Lord will give her strength in this time.

Labor Update #4

Larra is now at 9 cm and having alot of back pain during contractions. The nurse said we will be pushing soon. Not exactly sure how soon but our Dr. is coming at 12 so hopefully not long after that.

Labor Update #3

Larra was at 6 cm at 10:00 and the nurse just said that she is now at almost 8 cm. Wow, almost 2 cm in 45 mins.Looks like we are still on track for a "lunch time" delivery.

Labor Update # 2

Not too much to update. Larra got her epidural at 8:15 and has been feeling good since then. Then the Dr. broke her water at 8:30 and at that time she was still at 4 cm. I will be posting from now on since hopefully things will move quickly. We are hoping around 12:00 or 1:00 we will get to meet Carson but it could be longer of course. Praise God everything has gone smoothly up until this point. Thank you for all your prayers throughout the day. I will try to keep updating as changes happen.


Labor Update #1

I've been on pitocin for about 45 minutes and I was already at a 4 before they started it! So this may not be a long, all day process. I have a great nurse, Lisa, who has already taken great care of me. I love her already! And we got the hookup on the biggest, nicest delivery room in the place. Matt's old neighbor, Sharon, is a nurse here and had them save the room for us all night to make sure we got it. I can get my epidural whenever I'm ready. I've had some strong contractions but haven't asked for it yet. It may be soon though :)

Check back soon....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Love This Kid

Maybe its just because I'm realizing that he's not going to be my little baby anymore after Thursday. Or maybe its just because he's just so darn cute. But this week Brody has just been so precious to me. Of course he's ALWAYS precious to me...but this week he has seemed extra sweet, lovable, playful and such a joy. We have had such a good time reading books, playing with cars (his ultimate favorite thing ever!), tickling and practicing our walking.

He has started saying new words lately that just crack me up as well. "Nack" for snack has to be my favorite. "Uh oh" is really cute too. He is still using his sign language quite a bit which is so helpful when he can't communicate with words what he wants. And he has this hilarious new wave for "hi" where he shakes his whole arm and kinda moves his head back and forth. And then he keeps his normal wave for "bye bye."

But seriously, he was been an angel this week. I think he's going to be a wonderful big brother. We went to visit Avadelle Stockberger last night and as soon as he saw her, he took off like a rocket to her with a huge smile on his face. It was exciting for me to see how much he likes babies, but also made me a little nervous that he will be a little rough haha. His "patting" was more like hitting, in a loving way of course :) Thank goodness Tara's arm was in the way!

I love you my sweet Brody boy! You will always be my baby..just not my ONLY baby. You have such a fun personality and even though you can be a hand-ful at times, you are such a gift. I love you soo much!

Monday, July 13, 2009

3 Days

Well, I've made it 39 weeks. We are all in shock. We thought this sweet boy would have been here a couple of weeks ago at the latest. We are very glad that he stayed safely tucked in as long as he has..but just very surprised. So after all the pre-term scare and bed rest ordeal, it has now come down to being induced! That's right! Who would have thought! If Carson isn't born before this Thursday, July 16th, I will be induced then. So we will for sure be parents of 2 boys on Thursday! The way things are looking, its doubtful he will come before then. I guess there's always a chance though. We decided to induce for a couple of reasons. One, my dr is amazing and has made the decision to only work 2 days a week so she can stay home with her twin babies. However, this limits the number of days she's available for appointments and deliveries. So with it being scheduled, we can guarantee she will be there. Also, since I received steroid shots,etc when we thought Carson may be early, he is now quite a big boy in there. So having him a few days before my due date will just keep him a little smaller..and 4 days before my due date is plenty safe for him to come!

We are very excited! Its crazy to have a set date! I think it makes me a little more nervous though. It makes me feel as though I have so much to do in these last 3 days and only a limited amount of time to do certain things. I feel like I'm being lazy and un-productive just by taking the time to write this post! But in reality, I need to just relax! It will get done..and if it doesn't, OH WELL!

We are trying to get Brody excited about being a big brother. He loves babies and likes to "help" with them. So I'm hoping he is very welcoming and loving to his new brother. But he is 18 months old..he may not like that mommy's attention is not focused soley on him anymore. I guess it will be a learning and adjustment period for all of us.

The plan is to try to keep friends and family updated on the progress throughout the day on the blog. No graphic details, but just updates to let you know that things are progressing and how we are doing. And an announcement when he's born of course. If you want hospital info, Matt's phone number, etc then email me.

Can't wait for you to meet our new angel!