Thursday, July 16, 2009

Labor Update #1

I've been on pitocin for about 45 minutes and I was already at a 4 before they started it! So this may not be a long, all day process. I have a great nurse, Lisa, who has already taken great care of me. I love her already! And we got the hookup on the biggest, nicest delivery room in the place. Matt's old neighbor, Sharon, is a nurse here and had them save the room for us all night to make sure we got it. I can get my epidural whenever I'm ready. I've had some strong contractions but haven't asked for it yet. It may be soon though :)

Check back soon....


  1. So glad everything is going great so far and can't wait to come see Carson! We are praying for you guys. Tell Sharon I need that room in October.


  2. I am so excited!! :) I've been checking every couple of minutes to see if anything new has happened :) I Love Y'all and I'm praying that everything goes well!!

  3. Is it L&D room 2?? How fun! Praying for you both!

  4. Yes it is L&D room 2, this couch is awesome. I wish we didn't have to move rooms tonight.


  5. Wish I could be there....But I guess the blog is the next best thing. I'm glad everything is going well. I love you guys.

    Brody's gonna be a big brother! Now he'll have someone other than Cole to lay on and lick his foot!;)


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