Friday, June 24, 2011

Cutie Patooties

Just a few pics of our week. Caught the boys in action!

 Mom built a pretty cool train track with 2 levels! 

 Hello James!

 Little Monster chasing down the train with a small truck.

 Had to bring in reinforcements to create the elevation.

 Brodster waiting patiently for his train to come back around. Looks like another was derailed in the meantime.

 This little roadblock seemed to be popping up everywhere, intentionally sending Thomas and his friends flying off their tracks.

 And causing catastrophes like this one!

 After a long day on the railway, its time for some grub! We're TRYING to be patient!

 Yum! So worth the wait!

 That evening, our little sluggers were refueled and ready to play some ball with Daddy!

Mom is picturing this (plus 1 more) a few years down the road. **Sigh**

I just hit it far!

Gotta get clean after a long hard day!

Mom! This is so embarrassing!
Yes, my big boy can take showers by himself. He washes with a Johnson's Buddy Bar and can even scrub his hair. I pitch in when I know he's really dirty, but for the most part, he does a really great job! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer facelift

Like I said in the previous post, my tastes change and I go back and forth on what style I love. And that holds true to the blog design as well. I think I've finally found a design I will stick with for a while. The colors may change and some details may be added, but I think I'm finally loving the menu bars, fonts, etc. I made it cheery for the summer but can always change those for different seasons while keeping the style the same. So if you read it in google reader (which is 99% of you), go check it out! And you're also missing out on the info pages with updates on the boys.

*For those of you that think "Surely this girl has more important things to do than change blog designs" don't worry, I do it in my "down" time. While some moms rest or read to relax, it really helps me unwind to work in photoshop. Its my relaxing time. So don't worry, my real life isn't being neglected over a blog :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

personal style?

When we moved into our home a little over a month ago, I thought I knew how I wanted to decorate most of the rooms. And now, thanks to Pinterest, I might possibly be more confused. You see, I've discovered while "pinning" that my style is all over the place. I see a distressed piece of decor or furniture and love it. 

I see a sleek, stylish master bedroom and love it as well. 

But I don't think these 2 styles mix. One is more vintage, one is more contemporary. I fall somewhere in the middle and I don't know how to make them work together. I know that I'm not an all out shabby chic with lace person. But I'm also not completely contemporary with smooth lines and no texture. 

In the past, we've always decorated with black frames and black furniture and just added color in the details. I knew coming into this home I didn't want that. I wanted color, texture and warmth. Not the cold feel of so much sleek black. However, now we have black furniture that we spent money on that we are not replacing. So without sanding and stripping my furniture down, I need to find ways to incorporate my new love for different colors and textures with these pieces. And honestly, I need suggestions from some of you pro decorators. Pro meaning people that I think your houses are cute. So if you are crafty, like to decorate, go to Round Top or garage sales and create masterpieces with your finds, or just love this stuff..just assume I'm talking to you. Over the next couple of days I plan to take pictures of our home and will post the areas I need help in. So be ready! 

In the meantime, is there a way for you to suggest items to me on Pinterest? I saw that you can allow people to post to your boards, but you have to specify each person and I don't know who all is willing to help me out. But if there's a way, please suggest as much as you like! Or post it to your own board with a comment and let me know to follow you! My pinterest name is mattandlarra. I'm counting on all of you!!

*If this whole "Pinterest" thing is a foreign word to you, don't worry. Until last week it was to me too. And now its a new obsession. So go to the site, sign up, and fall in love. That's all I can say. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thirty-One Giveaway!!

Kelly is giving away a sweet Littles Carry-All from Thirty-One. I love how practical this little tote is! If you don't know what Thirty-One is, here's Kelly's site.

So, I want to win it..and I guess I'm wanting you to get a chance to win it too since I'm telling you all about it. So here's what I need you to do for me. It's really simple.

Just LIKE Kelly's Thirty-One Facebook page and then leave a comment on the page about the giveaway AND that I referred you. To be entered for the giveaway yourself, you have to refer others and have them leave a comment saying you referred them. The person with the most referrals wins! Easy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm Not Ready for This

I have big plans for this summer. 

Plans that include pools, splash pads, finger painting, organizing, decorating, crafting. You know, fun momma things. Things that have been on hold for months during the house drama, moving, moving again, and unpacking. Last week through the beginning of this week I felt like I finally had my life back and I had a blast with the boys. We went to the library twice, made a Summer Reading bulletin board, played lots of board games, played in the backyard sprinklers and really enjoyed the beginning of summer in our new home. 

Then yesterday afternoon...they came. 

Those things that I've been dreading. That I knew may come too soon but prayed against. Prayed that they would wait until the time was right. But for whatever reason, God has a different plan. A plan that is going to slow me down a little, unless they take a different path and hold off. 

Who are these dreaded beings? Contractions. Bed rest contractions. Contractions that turn our whole world upside down. Because you see, unlike most people who have contractions around 37-40 weeks, I start having contractions way too early. Both boys started at 28 weeks and I was on bed rest until 35ish weeks. So I was expecting them at 28 weeks this time. 

Not 24. 

I haven't been to the doctor yet. Honestly, its because I know exactly what she'll say. Take these pills and stay on bed rest. And I'm not ready for that. We have our LAST wedding this weekend and they are depending on me. This family is special to me (the bride is one of my college roommate's little sister) and I will not let them down. I will work through the contractions and start bed rest next week if that's what it takes. 

These aren't "stop me in my tracks,dying in pain" contractions. They are just constant, nagging ones that come and go throughout the day. I'll have spurts of them where I think I need to go to the hospital, and then I won't have another for a couple of hours. Regardless, its not safe at all for me to have them this early. I know that. I know the safety of my baby is much more important than my summer plans. So on Monday, if the doctor prescribes those 2 dreaded words, I promise to do what she says. I'm just so sad that they are starting. 

So will you be praying with us that they stop? I really want the little guy (whose name is still not a for sure thing) to stay put as long as he is supposed to and keep growing and getting stronger. And I really want to enjoy these last 3 1/2 months with the 2 boys I have already running around here. 

Well, I'm having a contraction so that must be my cue to go lay back down. Arrgghh!!