Monday, December 31, 2007

Nothing much to report

Nothing that news worthy has happened over the last couple of weeks. We had a WONDERFUL Christmas. Since we couldn't travel to see any family, they came to us. My parents, brother, and NEWLY ENGAGED little sis, and her fiance, came up on the Sunday before Christmas and spent most of Christmas Eve with us. For Christmas day, we were SUPPOSED to go to Montgomery and have a big slumber party at Matt's aunt and uncle's house on Lake Conroe. Instead, we spent the day at Allen and Dena's and all the family ended up coming to us so it was great. I followed the rules and stayed on the couch the whole time, as hard as it was.

I'm still doing the same as far as contractions go..except I think they are getting a little more intense. I go to the doctor, this Thursday, Jan 3rd. Hopefully I'll get to add some activity, but if not, then hopefully the next week. By then I'll be 34 weeks and the doc says IF I went into labor around then, it would be a lot safer for little Brody. So we're continuing to pray that he's growing bigger and stronger everyday, so that when he comes, whether early or full-term, he'll be strong and not have any complications. However, as much as I want him to stay in as long as possible, I absolutely cannot wait to see him! I'm getting so excited to hold him, kiss him, and just cuddle with him. But..I'm trying to patient. He's got some more cooking to do!

He must know I'm talking about him...I've had like 3 contractions just sitting here on the couch typing this!

I'll update you again after my appt on Thursday. Oh, and I'll put up a new belly pic as well. (I'll break the rules and get up to take one)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Most Amazing Man Ever!

Matt graduated from Texas A&M last Friday, Dec. 14. I am so proud of him! He has worked so hard the last 2 years since we've been married to juggle being a husband, taxidermist, student, and daddy to be. It hasn't always been easy, especially this last semester, but he's always been so faithful to put God and our family first, and still managed to get through some pretty tough classes. He's AMAZING! Congratulations Matty!

However, that's not the only reason for this post. Since I was put on bed rest last Wednesday, he has been like...well, Superman! He caters to my every need...fixes dinner, gets me drinks, cleans the house, calls me when he's at work to check on me (and make sure I'm not getting up from the couch). He finished all of our Christmas shopping last night too! He's absolutely wonderful. I am so blessed! He cares so much about me and baby Brody and does anything possible to make sure we are healthy and ok. I love him more everyday.

I know my Matty will be embarrassed by this post and think it's silly that I put it up. But I had to. I am to make him famous, brag about him, and build him up with my words! Thank you Matt for being the best husband a girl could ask for. You are going to be an amazing father! Baby Brody and I love you so much!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And the verdict is in....

At my appointment this morning, it was confirmed that I will officially be on bed rest for sure the next 3 weeks, and more than likely until Brody is born. The contractions aren't getting much better, and a couple of other things are going on that we need to keep under control so that our sweet baby boy is not born sooner than desired. I am 31 weeks and 1 day, as of Tuesday, Dec 18. In 3 weeks when we re-evaluate the situation, I will be 34 weeks. She says after that point, it may not be as crucial for me to be on such strict orders and we may increase activity. If he was born after 34 weeks, things would be a lot better for him as far as development and how long he would have to stay in the hospital. But hopefully, he will stay in longer than even that...every week he stays cookin, the stronger he'll be.

So I'm doing exactly as told. I don't want to take any chances that could potentially be harmful to little Brody. She put me on medication to stop the contractions so hopefully that will help as well.

And big news...because of all this...I'm officially done with work! We stopped by after the appt to talk to my boss and explain everything and he is the most amazing person ever. He is so willing to do whatever he needs to do as far as my maternity leave and benefits, etc. I'm taking my last 7 weeks of maternity leave starting now and then I'll get a few more weeks of disability to make sure we're covered by the amazing insurance, until our new insurance kicks in. Even though I'm quitting to be a stay-at-home-mommy, they are still paying me for 7 or more weeks and I get all the benefits. It is such a blessing! More than likely, Brody may be born within these 7 weeks..and he'd be 38 weeks by then so that will be perfectly fine. But even if he wasn't, they are going to let me stay on as long as I need to, to make sure we're covered. How awesome is that?

So this is where I'll be for the next 3 weeks and possibly more...on my couch, with my Bible, laptop, books, tv remote, lots of snacks, and movies (that i'm not allowed to get up and put in the dvd player...but probably will anyways). I'm trying to be positive because I know this time is very important and I don't want to risk anything. But I'm such a "busy" person and like to get things done around my house..especially this time of year!

Which reminds me...I forgot to mention that the dr won't allow us to drive 3 hours to my parents this weekend for Christmas or to Montgomery on Christmas Eve to be with Matt's family for Christmas. So we're really bummed about that. But of course, our families are amazing and are working out ways to come to us for Christmas.

Who knew this would be the most relaxing holiday season ever?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bed Rest? Seriously?

Oh what I wouldn't give for a chance to crash on the couch and take a nap, or just relax with my laptop somedays. So I would think the words "bed rest" would have been music to my ears. However, that wasn't quite the reaction I had when I was told yesterday that I had to be on COMPLETE BED REST for AT LEAST a week. The nurses exact words were "24 hours a day in bed or on the couch, can only get up to go the bathroom, can take 1 shower a day, and can eat one meal a day at the table if you just have to. The only place you are allowed to go by car is Matt's graduation on Friday morning." So why the drastic measures you ask?

Tuesday night I started having contractions. Being my first pregnancy, I had no idea what contractions felt like. All I knew is I was in horrible pain and my belly was as hard as a brick. I finally forced myself to go to sleep, thinking it was just some weird growing pain. Wednesday morning, the pain was gone but the tightness was still there. I couldn't feel Brody moving and that scared me. Finally about 9am I called the dr to see what they thought. They had me come in and do a non-stress test to monitor the baby's heart rate and check for contractions. Sure enough, I was having contractions 2 MINUTES APART! Brody's heartrate looked great and he was kicking at the monitors on my belly so that made me feel lots better. But the contractions, obviously, were still a concern to the dr. I am 30 weeks..I definitely did not want to be going into labor this early.

I was sent over to the hospital for more monitoring and was finally given an IV and a shot to stop the contractions. I wasn't dilating so that was a good sign..and they did a test to see if I was at risk for pre-term labor and it was negative. So basically I was just having contractions for no reason? maybe? I'm still not sure. They said it could be caused by dehydration or over exertion. However, if the contractions continued, I could eventually go into labor. After a little over 4 hours at the hospital, I was sent home with my strict orders.

So here I am... the morning of my first full day of bedrest. What to do..what to do...any ideas?