Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bed Rest? Seriously?

Oh what I wouldn't give for a chance to crash on the couch and take a nap, or just relax with my laptop somedays. So I would think the words "bed rest" would have been music to my ears. However, that wasn't quite the reaction I had when I was told yesterday that I had to be on COMPLETE BED REST for AT LEAST a week. The nurses exact words were "24 hours a day in bed or on the couch, can only get up to go the bathroom, can take 1 shower a day, and can eat one meal a day at the table if you just have to. The only place you are allowed to go by car is Matt's graduation on Friday morning." So why the drastic measures you ask?

Tuesday night I started having contractions. Being my first pregnancy, I had no idea what contractions felt like. All I knew is I was in horrible pain and my belly was as hard as a brick. I finally forced myself to go to sleep, thinking it was just some weird growing pain. Wednesday morning, the pain was gone but the tightness was still there. I couldn't feel Brody moving and that scared me. Finally about 9am I called the dr to see what they thought. They had me come in and do a non-stress test to monitor the baby's heart rate and check for contractions. Sure enough, I was having contractions 2 MINUTES APART! Brody's heartrate looked great and he was kicking at the monitors on my belly so that made me feel lots better. But the contractions, obviously, were still a concern to the dr. I am 30 weeks..I definitely did not want to be going into labor this early.

I was sent over to the hospital for more monitoring and was finally given an IV and a shot to stop the contractions. I wasn't dilating so that was a good sign..and they did a test to see if I was at risk for pre-term labor and it was negative. So basically I was just having contractions for no reason? maybe? I'm still not sure. They said it could be caused by dehydration or over exertion. However, if the contractions continued, I could eventually go into labor. After a little over 4 hours at the hospital, I was sent home with my strict orders.

So here I am... the morning of my first full day of bedrest. What to do..what to do...any ideas?


  1. Oh my gracious! I'm calling you right now.

    Love and prayers!

  2. Lyns is always the first on these things...she needs to teach me how to subscribe!

    I love you little lady...let me know when you want us to come visit.

  3. I know this is hard on you sis, but it is best for you and my little nephew. I am coming tonight and you know I am at your service whatever you need, I will do it! Love you!-LA

  4. oh my goodness! I'm glad everything is okay. That baby still has some "cooking" to do! Grab some good books and movies and go to town! Enjoy!

  5. Hey Chicka! When I first found out that you had started to have contractions early I freaked! But then I talked to your mom and found out you were doing ok! WHEW! I know that is a relief to you as well! The one above me is absolutely right-Brody still has some cookin' to do! You look incredibly cute preggo! That Brody is going to be the cutest little man ever-I can not wait to meet him! Take it easy and do exactly what the dr. says! And I'll have those pics to your mom this week-I love you and am praying for ya!

  6. Yikes!

    You could edit Her Hands for me. I need to get it done, but haven't had time to just sit in front of a computer.

    I may put you to work.



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