Thursday, December 20, 2007

Most Amazing Man Ever!

Matt graduated from Texas A&M last Friday, Dec. 14. I am so proud of him! He has worked so hard the last 2 years since we've been married to juggle being a husband, taxidermist, student, and daddy to be. It hasn't always been easy, especially this last semester, but he's always been so faithful to put God and our family first, and still managed to get through some pretty tough classes. He's AMAZING! Congratulations Matty!

However, that's not the only reason for this post. Since I was put on bed rest last Wednesday, he has been like...well, Superman! He caters to my every need...fixes dinner, gets me drinks, cleans the house, calls me when he's at work to check on me (and make sure I'm not getting up from the couch). He finished all of our Christmas shopping last night too! He's absolutely wonderful. I am so blessed! He cares so much about me and baby Brody and does anything possible to make sure we are healthy and ok. I love him more everyday.

I know my Matty will be embarrassed by this post and think it's silly that I put it up. But I had to. I am to make him famous, brag about him, and build him up with my words! Thank you Matt for being the best husband a girl could ask for. You are going to be an amazing father! Baby Brody and I love you so much!


  1. Matt- You are pretty stinkin' awesome! Brody and Larra are blessed to have you as their leader and protector.

    I love your sweet family!

  2. We're pretty proud of Matt as well. I remember his senior year in high school around October or November, he says, "I think I want to go to A&M." I was like, "Matt, we need to get busy with applications and scholarships and all that stuff." Somehow, we got it done and now he's finished. It's hard to believe. It was rough going at the beginning, but it seems around the time he met Larra, he started working a lot harder and look at him now! A graduate of A&M, a husband and soon to be father. We love you Matty!
    Mom & Dad

  3. So great! This is just a picture of what a great Dad he is going to be! Can't wait to see that little one soon! Hang in there Larra!

  4. Yay for amazing husbands and baby boys coming soon!
    Just wanted to send you a word of encouragement about the whole bedrest thing...
    * God knows when Brody's bday is and he won't let it happen any other day than just the right one!
    * My cousin was put on bedrest about the same week in her pregnancy you were... she ended up staying on bedrest until term, but THEN they had to induce her because she made it to her due date... just keep relaxing and we'll keep asking that he stayed tucked in for as long as possible!

    You look adorable in the picture next to your smart hubby. What a great belly!


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