Friday, September 23, 2011

introducing brooks matthew: newborn shoot

I knew that if I wanted to do newborn photos of Brooks, it had to be right away. Partially because newborn photos need to be done by 6 days old (easier to position the baby without waking, etc) and because if I put it off, it would never get done. So I did them early on our first full day home from the hospital.

Before I started photographing Brooks, Matt took some quick shots of the boys playing around in their Big Bro shirts.

We got some of all the brothers of course. Carson wouldn't cooperate for an individual photo with Brooks..we promise we tried!

 Definitely going on my wall

I have 84 newborn photos. These are just a few of my faves.

 I stole this idea from a friend's birth announcement. 

introducing brooks matthew: day 1 and 2

 Concerned big brothers checking him out.

I think Carson has that look on his face a lot when it concerns Brooks.

Brody anxiously awaiting to hold him for the first time.

 Melts my heart :)

Typical Carson, the granola bar is WAY more interesting than all this.
(look at Brody's sweet smile)

 I hope they always feel this way about each other

 ahh...another heart flutter. 

The classic Carson cheese face. We're working on getting rid of this. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

introducing brooks matthew:meeting the big brothers

We wanted Brody and Carson to meet Brooks before we brought the rest of the family in. Matt went to get them once it was time. Nurse Lori (the super-nurse) was ready and waiting with the camera when they came in. 

 Brody rushed in, VERY anxious. 

 Carson slowly strolled in, not sure what the rush was.

 He was still not real sure what the big deal was.

 Oh, so THAT'S what's going on...a baby.

 Brody was so excited to get to see him. 

 He climbed right up in the bed with me so he could get a better look.

 First family photo as a family of 5. 

introducing brooks matthew: the birth story

I decided to break up the events surrounding Brooks' birth into multiple posts. One long post would just get boring..and way too long. 

Brooks Matthew. Born September 15, 2011. 3:46pm. 7 lbs 1 oz, 19 inches long.
 It's insane how much they change over just a few day! This doesn't even look like the baby laying next to me right now!

I can't believe tomorrow it will have been a week since Brooks was born. This week has flown by. It has been a very precious, special week. Getting to meet baby Brooks, introducing him to his brothers, bringing him home and getting all settled in. Besides being tired, I couldn't have asked for a better week. The boys have welcomed him with open arms (and mouths as Brooks is constantly covered in slobber from all of their kisses). He is a typical newborn, sleeping most of the time and basically just waking up to eat. The last couple of days he's had some longer awake times, which helps him sleep better at night. Overall, we are already enjoying every minute of life with him. If only it could stay like this for a while....

The Birth Story:
We woke up at 4 am on Thursday, September 15. My parents stayed at our house through the weekend to take care of the boys so we snuck out that morning super early to get breakfast before we had to be at the hospital at 5:30am. While at IHOP, we called the hospital to make sure they were ready for us. They asked us to come at 6am instead because they were pretty crowded. So we went to Super Walmart and killed some time. When we showed up at 6, we still had to wait for a room until 6:30am. Once we got all settled in, our nurse informed us that because of the full moon that night, they delivered more babies than they could count. There were 28 babies in the nursery. Every labor and delivery room was full, as well as all the post-partum recovery rooms. They were swamped. What a day to be induced...

I can't believe I'm posting this pic of myself.

by 7:30am I was hooked up to all my IVs and the pitocin to get the contractions started. My doctor came in a little before 8 to "check" me and possibly break my water. Unfortunately, I hadn't progressed any since the last week and was still at 1.5 cm. She didn't want to break my water until 2-3cm and said she would be back around lunch time. I was very disappointed. I knew that until my water was broken, things would not speed up. But I understood, and knew she had patients to see. Fortunately for us, she happened to have 3 other patients in labor at that time. (insane!) So she never actually got to leave the hospital and was able to come back at 10:15 to check again. Up until this point I had only had mild contractions from the pitocin, definitely none worth getting an epidural for. So I had only progressed to a 2. I was so glad that she went ahead and broke my water at this point instead of having me wait to get to a 3. What I didn't know what how fast...and hard..the contractions would come. By 10:45, only 30 minutes later, I was miserable. As in I thought I was going to die. I asked for my epidural at 11, and because of some c-sections that were happening, couldn't get it until 12:15. In that one hour and fifteen minutes, I gained a whole new respect for the women who do it all natural with no drugs. I honestly have NO IDEA how you do that. I respect you..I think you're insane..but I respect you. 

When I got my epidural at 12:15, I was at 5cm. Once I had my epidural, my parents brought the big boys up so we could give them their big brother gifts and spend time with them before Brooks was born. They only stayed for a short time, but it was very sweet to see how excited they were to be there and were very ready for Brooks to come. 

When my doctor checked a while later, I was between 7-8cm. Around 3pm my nurse checked again and I was still at 7-8, which annoyed me. She told me to turn to my side. Around 3:15 I could tell something was different. Even through the epidural, I could feel pressure. She checked again and said "DO NOT PUSH. I do NOT want to have to catch this baby! " I had gone to 10cm in 15 minutes. My doctor had gone back to her office and I had to wait for her to come back before I could have this baby. She came in a little after 3:30. I remember looking at the clock at 3:40 and she was getting ready to "catch." Two contractions and 6 minutes later, Brooks was born. I told someone shortly after that if I didn't have to go through the grueling 9 months before, I might have 10 kids if they were all this easy! Someone told me once that the third just falls out and they weren't kidding! Another cool part of the day...a couple from church went into labor the night before and was having their baby in the room next door! Their son was born 2.5 hours before Brooks. It was so cool for Matt to have a new friend to spend time with at the hospital and be able to walk along side since he is a new father. We all decided that our 2 boys are destined to be best buds! 

So there you have it, a simple birth story. I love that we had no drama, I had an AMAZING nurse, and nothing but good memories of this day. Next post:Meeting the big brothers and more photos of the day!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

baby brooks: what's your prediction?

Well, tomorrow is the big day!! We go in at 5:30am to start the induction and we'll meet Baby Brooks sometime, hopefully soon, after that. So...let's get some predictions!! Leave a comment with your guess on time of arrival, weight and length. I won't tell you our predictions just yet...

Friday, September 9, 2011

baby brooks: waiting for you

Baby Brooks, we absolutely can not believe that you will be here in less than 1 week. We've had a couple of moments where we thought you were coming a lot sooner, but you proved us all wrong and have stayed safely tucked in my tummy where you belong. Now you are full term so you can start preparing your way out if you'd like. The further things are along next Thursday, the better and faster they will go.

Over the last 9 months we have prayed for you, talked to your big brothers about you (boy, are they excited), and prepared our home for you. Because you are our third boy, we didn't have to buy really anything at all. Since your bedding is a hand me down from big brother Carson, Mommy just tried to use a little creativity to make your room your own. We love it and think you will enjoy getting to grow and play in this room. Its all set up, ready for you to come home next week!

When we were looking at this house, I absolutely loved this bedroom. It is a good size (bigger than any newborn needs!), has high ceilings and lots of sunlight. When we moved into the house 4 months ago, the bottom half of the walls below the chair rail were periwinkle. NOT a good color for a little boy, or anyone for that matter. In July, Aunt Leigh Ann stayed with us a whole week and was nice enough to paint it green for you.

Here is the overview of the room. Don't you just love the windows?

Your transportation bedding.

Aunt Leigh Ann gave you this big "B" as a shower gift. It works perfectly to bring out the red in your bedding!

Your shelves are stocked with cute baskets to hold your blankets, burp clothes and necessities.

A few weeks ago we got down your swing and bouncy seat and got them washed and ready for you.
Your 30 pound brothers have tried to get in them a few times so hopefully they will work properly for you!

 I think this may be my favorite spot in the whole room. Nina and Papa are bringing the glider and it will go next to this table (see photo below). I'm so looking forward to sitting by the lamp and getting to spend special time with you while you nurse. I may even get some reading in.  

We decided to set up a changing area for you. We did this for Brody but didn't really do it for Carson. However, Daddy likes having a designated place to change you and keep all of your supplies, especially in the beginning when we have to take care of your circumcision, umbilical cord, etc. 

My second favorite part of the room...Mommy's DIY projects. I found this mirror at a garage sale for $2. I painted the frame and sprayed the glass with chalkboard paint. Now we have a cute little place to write you notes, keep up with diaper changings, etc. 

These I created in photoshop, printed off on some card stock and stuck in some black frames we already had. Gotta love totally free room decor.

 Since we know you'll be a genius right away, we already have a basket of books and toys waiting for you :)

 But just in case you aren't quite ready, Carson will read them to you. 

 Yes, your mom is hyper-organized and has dividers for each size clothes in your closet. You'll just have to get used to this stuff in our home. 

 Stocked up on supplies for you!

 Baby Brooks, as you can see, we are very excited to meet you next week. You are already so loved by your mommy, daddy and big brothers. I imagine the next few days will be spent in overdrive getting the house clean and ready for your arrival. But I'm sure we'll also take some time to rest and spend time together before our lives are turned upside down with a newborn!