Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thanks Kendra!

Kendra shared her cute little lap desks she made for Taylor Joy and a friend. I was definitely inspired! Brody is starting to color a lot and I thought this would be a fun project to take on. Plus, he'll feel like such a big boy! When he's older, we'll be able to do so many fun crafts on this. So here's my final result. Not nearly as cute as Kendra's. I only had a short time to do it in during naptime so I was a little rushed. I had a couple of bubbles that you can see in the pic but was able to smooth them out. I used scrapbook paper and stickers from the materials I'm using to make Carson's baby book, but I didn't think he would mind. It's transportation themed, and since Brody LOVES cars, I thought it would be a good fit for him. The only thing I did differently than Kendra is that I printed Brody's name out and cut the letters. I only did this bc I didn't trust myself to write the name and not mess it up. However, if you have good handwriting, I would suggest following her instructions and going with the Sharpie. It was tough sometimes to keep the letters from bubbling plus it adds more texture to the desk so it may make it a tad bumpy. But I got it pretty smooth so I'm sure it will be fine for Brody.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Pics

Just a photo update of Brody from Easter and a few other random photos. There's not much to update on him. We still don't know when he'll walk. Some days he seems to be getting closer and other days not so much. I guess he'll do it in his own timing..we're just hoping its before July!!

Egg hunt at Uncle Brad's

Egg hunt at Nonnie's

Look Mom! M&Ms!

Spoiled rottenPlaying at the lake

Pretty Sunset

Bath Time Fun

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Many of you know that I'm obsessed with organizing. I love cute containers, labels, folders, files, etc. Anything that organizes a name it, I love it! I can't walk into Target without walking down the organization aisles. I didn't register for a lot of baby items since we're having another boy, but did need a few essentials. As I was milling the aisles with that cool scanner , I "stumbled" across an aisle of storage containers. I think I clicked just about every one! And they have cool green and blue lids!

However, I'm having such a hard time deciding what to do with Carson's room. His room right now is a multi-purpose room. When we bought our house it was a 2 bedroom and we converted the garage to make it 3. See here for pics. (Wow, I didn't realize how clean my house used to be before we had a child!) So, the room that will be Carson's room has the washer and dryer in a closet, my desk, and HAD a guest bed but we took it out. Currently it has garage sale stuff piled in it plus a bunch of toys that Brody plays with while I'm working on the computer. And the closet is full of coats, board games, craft supplies, etc. This room also has an exterior door that leads to our backyard and driveway. So see, it serves MANY purposes. Here are some photos from today.My desk area..its a disaster right now.

Closet..view from laundry area.

Laundry closet.

The mess. View from entrance.

So as you can see, I have a huge project in front of me. All the stuff piled along the wall will be gone next weekend after Kristin and I have a garage sale. However, what do I do with the closet? Can I fit a crib and small chest of drawers in here? What about the desk? Should I keep it in the room? I have to have my computer and client files somewhere. I MIGHT have an idea where the computer could be safely tucked away, but it would mean giving up my desk that I love. Normally I'm good at this type of project! But for some reason I can't visualize this one.

So people...any ideas you have would be much appreciated! I'm 27 weeks right now..and Carson will probably come a couple weeks early. So I hopefully have anywhere from 10-13 weeks to figure this all out, empty out this room and get organized. But that time will fly by! Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Brody Boy Update

Its been a while since I've posted about Brody boy. He is doing so many new things these days. He is such a mess! He still isn't walking and seems to have no interest in it whatsoever. Maybe one day...

He has always been so full of personality, but these days it is just overflowing. He is NEVER quiet..unless he's eating or sleeping. He loves to talk and sing. And dance! The boy LOVES his music and his dance moves are quite hilarious. I never seem to be able to catch them on camera though bc he already knows that digital cameras allow him to see himself on the back of it. So as soon as he sees me get the camera out, he's headed over to me so he can look. And its the same with the video camera. Seriously, how crazy is it that a 1 year old knows that much about technology!!

He also loves playing ball with his "DD." That's one of his names for Matt. When he gets really excited, he says DD instead of DaDa or Daddy. He loves throwing the ball but only with Matt. Its so precious watching him light up when daddy comes home and when they play. They have such a special bond. I love it!

He is doing so many things, I can't think of them all. He loves to copy whatever we do, try to repeat things, loves being outside and reading books. Here are some pics from the last couple of months! Love you Brody boy!

"Helping" me cook.

Checking out the fish with Daddy, PaPa and Uncle Drew

He loves the park!

More cooking :)

And he likes shoes too....
Playing with Cole in the bluebonnets on the way to Warrenton

He loves my headbands. (ok, I'm noticing that he likes too many girly things. Maybe he spends too much time with me)You can't really tell here, but he is playing the drums. His FAVORITE thing ever!

Kissing Baby Carson! He's going to love his brother!

Playing the horsey game with daddy. It interacts with the TV..that's what he's looking up at.