Thursday, July 29, 2010

Morning (or Afternoon) Goodness

You see that stuff right there? I think its served in heaven. Its that good. Is it good for me? Probably not. And especially not since I also like to put a layer of cream cheese on it. And drink it with coffee. But let me tell you, its soooo worth it. Its great for breakfast...or as an afternoon snack. So, you should get some. You won't regret it. Enough said.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Car-Baby!

I can't believe you are ONE! (you turned one on July 16th..Momma is just a little late on the post) You have been such a joy to us this past year. Your contagious laugh, your care free laid back attitude (most of the time), your love for your big brother, the way you snuggle, your love of books (mommy really loves that you like to sit in her lap and "read"), the way you light up when daddy walks in the room...I could go on and on about all the precious things we love about you. You are truly a little gift from God. I can't believe that you are almost walking and are even saying a few words. This past year has FLOWN by. We love you so much Carson Jace (Sharson Jace according to Brody!)

We celebrated your first birthday with a POOL PARTY! We joined in with Cousin Cole and had a joint family party for you both. Cole turned 2 5 days after you turned 1! How fun is that!! Trent and Andrea let us use their super nice apartment pool for the party and it was a hit! We all had so much fun relaxing in the pool, splashing and celebrating your life.
Our Party Pavilion
Carson swimming with Nina
You boys loaded up!
Leigh Ann and I worked hard on these cute pirate cupcakes!
Carson was a little unsure at first! Brody was ready to help you out.
Cole knew exactly what to do!
He finally got the hang of it
Opening gifts..a book of course!
Cole checking out his new puzzles!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Rewind

We've had a great summer so far. Trips to the pool, trips to the lake house, a getaway for mom and dad and more. The boys beg to be outside everyday. No matter how much sun screen we put on, these little ones just get darker and darker by the day. Thank goodness they have their daddy's skin! Here's a photo recap of a couple of our summer adventures.

The New Family Lakehouse - June 18-20

Matt and Carson headed down to the boat house to see this...
Brody catching his first fish! 
He was so proud of this big catch..and the many more he caught!

Mom and Dad's Weekend Away in Arlington - June 25-28
For Father's Day, and just because I have a wonderful husband, I surprised Matt with a trip away to Arlington. We left the kids with our parents for 4 days and got some time away just for us. I had a few things on the itinerary, but mostly wanted a relaxing time for us to get away together. 

We saw this monstrosity of a football stadium.

Supporting the former Aggies who now play for the Cowboys. WHOOP!

The LARGEST tv/big screen/whatever in the world! It has to be right?
I was much more impressed with the Ballpark at Arlington. Beautiful :)
We saw Josh Hamilton hit the longest home run in park history at this game! We love him bc he loves Jesus and has a great testimony which he is not ashamed to share with anyone, even the media.

The rest of the trip was spent shopping, eating, more eating and just enjoying some time away without kiddos. Thank you Matty for going away with me!

And last but not least....
Carson took 5-6 steps one night. He hasn't done it since. But I think he'll take off any day now! 

Upcoming posts...Carson turned 1!