Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Brody Boy!!

Like I say in all the milestone posts, I cannot believe Brody is already 3!! I can remember almost every detail of the day of his birth. For those who were around that day, you know it was quite memorable. Nothing we do in this family seems to come easy. And birthing children is no exception. From having contractions at 29 6 weeks of going into labor again at 35 weeks and being in labor for what seems like days to finally meeting our sweet boy at 6:44pm on January 19, 2008.

1st Birthday Party

2nd Birthday Party

Brody Boy, our 3 years with you have been nothing but an adventure filled blessing. Your personality lights up our home on a daily basis. Your sense of humor keeps us laughing and your new found "sweetness" melts our hearts. You haven't always been a hugger and snuggler, but in the last little while you've come around and we are embracing it. We know you'll grow up and think you're too "cool" to hug and kiss mom and dad so we're taking all we can get right now!

 Even though you fight all the time, you truly love your little brother

 This pic is here just so Daddy can show everyone what he taught you :)

You have been through more in the last year and a half than we ever thought our little boy would have to go through. And you've been so brave and so determined through it all. You still don't quite comprehend what is going on with you, that your legs aren't quite as strong as your friends, but it doesn't stop you from trying. You try to run, jump and climb to keep up with them. I love hearing you say that your braces make you strong and help you run and jump. Or when you say "The doctor has to check out my legs." You are so used to the routine and take it in stride. As far as you're concerned, you think its just another part of normal life that everyone goes through. Thank you sweet boy for your attitude through all of this! Its just another way God is going to get all the glory through your situation.
Getting your first set of braces in Jan 2010 (you actually were happy here)

Your favorite things these days are all things boy. Trains, cars, playing ball with daddy, tractors, dinosaurs. You ask to play with your train tracks and race track almost daily. And I know that your daddy is extremely proud of the fact that you can hit a ball that is pitched to you..and hit it HARD! Maybe you can skip t-ball! You also really enjoy movies, and although I really appreciate that on busy days or when I'm not feeling well, we do have to limit your movie watching haha!

Criss Cross Crash, your Christmas gift from Mommy and Daddy. You play with this for hours.

And I have to say, my absolute favorite thing about you at this age, is that you tell me that "Jesus saved me." You want to read your bible at almost every nap time and can tell me about all the pictures you see. It was so neat this Christmas to see your knowledge of Christ's birth blossom as you excitedly told us about Baby Jesus, the manger and Mary and Joseph.  I can't wait for you to be old enough to truly understand Christ's love for us and to accept Him as your Savior.

Making a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve.

Brody Boy, We love you so much and have truly enjoyed all the good and trying times with you over the last 3 years. We are so excited to see how you change and grow over the next year!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

18 Months

*This post is a couple of days early...but I won't have time to post in the next few days. And yes, I know how to have it post at a later date, but I'm just ready to post it!

I can't believe Carson Monster is already 18 months old. It seems like he should be younger, yet he seems so much older to me. Maybe its because he runs everywhere instead of walking, is talking more and more and more everyday, and can keep up with Brody as if they were the same age.

These days he is really keeping us on our toes. He can climb, run, dig, hide, and reach almost anything. He gets into things that we never thought he would attempt. There have been a few mornings where I go to get him and he has one leg on top of the crib trying to climb out. So he may be in a toddler bed sooner than I expected (or hoped).

His favorite things are balls, cars, dogs, bears, and as always, food. He also really loves to cook. For Christmas the boys got a bbq pit with pretend food. Leigh Ann gave them little bbq aprons and he wears his around the house in his diaper. Really really cute! We'll find him in the room flipping a burger patty or using tongs to grill some corn on the cob.

They got a lot of new toys and games for Christmas so the last few weeks they have been busy exploring and learning how everything works. Its been nice because they are perfectly content playing with all of their new things while I get things done around here. Carson just jumps right in with Brody and like I said earlier, just seems so old.

 Learning to golf. 

Carson Jace, You are such a blessing to us. You make us laugh with your cute little voice and your hilarious faces. I love that you know what makes us laugh and continue to do it to get a reaction out of us. I love watching you love your big brother and when you try to hug and kiss him. Although he doesn't always respond in the most loving way, you continue to try. Sometimes you are challenging because of your strong will and determination. And other times you are so sweet and loving. I love how uniquely different you and your brother are but then can both find the same thing funny and laugh hysterically together. We love you Booger!

We were at my grandparents for Christmas and right as we were about to open gifts, Carson just tackled Brody for no reason and started trying to wrestle. Everyone in the room was crying from laughing so hard. 

The week before Christmas, Carson was on breathing treatments. He was such a trooper and got to where he could administer it to himself pretty much!

Learning to "hiss." 

Brotherly Love

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday to Me

Remember when I posted about this Silhouette giveaway? Well, I didn't win.

However, my super, wonderful, amazing husband bought me one for Christmas and my birthday (which is Sunday). We got it on Cyber Monday so it was cheaper plus came with some cool free stuff!

Well, if you read my previous post you know we haven't slowed down. So I hadn't even taken it out of the box..until today. And oh my heavens am I going to have a blast with this thing!! I was reading the tutorials online and was almost overwhelmed at all it can do! I CANNOT wait to get started on Brody' birthday party so I can put it to good use. And crafts for the kids. And homemade cards. And home decor. And oh my goodness so much more. So, if anyone wants to plan a fun Silhouette playdate, let me know!

Thank you Matty for such an amazing gift! Even though I picked it out myself, I love it as much as if it were a surprise!!

Hello 2011

Well, I thought I should do the first official post of 2011. Its only 6 days into the new year and I already feel like its been a month, at least. We have barely slowed down since the holidays. I plan to post our Christmas pictures soon..but they aren't even off my camera don't hold your breath. But its on the "list."

Its the time of year for goals, plans, improvement, changes, etc. I'm not gonna lie, I've already had lots of things run across my mind that I would like to change this year. The way I grocery shop, couponing, menu planning, budget, kids activities, etc. However, this year, its not gonna start right away. It will be a slow process to get me back in the groove. And I'm ok with that.

Right now, January is just SLAM PACKED for us. We don't have time to sit and write out all the things that we've talked about adjusting this year and how we're going to accomplish them.
-This weekend: COTTON BOWL! (Matt's Christmas present from my parents)
-Next week: Finish Up some re-editing (long story)
-Next weekend: First wedding of 2011
-The next week: Preparing cute decor and details for Brody's bday party
-The following weekend: Brody's birthday party
-The NEXT week: edit wedding pictures
-The NEXT week (first week of Feb): Start potty training (again)

So as you can see, things started off quickly for us this year. On top of all that, we put our house back up on the market this past Monday. And we've made a commitment to keep it cleaner throughout the week so its not as stressful on me when realtors call for a showing.

So hopefully in February we can start on our "adjustments" we'd like to make for the year. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are enjoying the New Year!!