Thursday, January 13, 2011

18 Months

*This post is a couple of days early...but I won't have time to post in the next few days. And yes, I know how to have it post at a later date, but I'm just ready to post it!

I can't believe Carson Monster is already 18 months old. It seems like he should be younger, yet he seems so much older to me. Maybe its because he runs everywhere instead of walking, is talking more and more and more everyday, and can keep up with Brody as if they were the same age.

These days he is really keeping us on our toes. He can climb, run, dig, hide, and reach almost anything. He gets into things that we never thought he would attempt. There have been a few mornings where I go to get him and he has one leg on top of the crib trying to climb out. So he may be in a toddler bed sooner than I expected (or hoped).

His favorite things are balls, cars, dogs, bears, and as always, food. He also really loves to cook. For Christmas the boys got a bbq pit with pretend food. Leigh Ann gave them little bbq aprons and he wears his around the house in his diaper. Really really cute! We'll find him in the room flipping a burger patty or using tongs to grill some corn on the cob.

They got a lot of new toys and games for Christmas so the last few weeks they have been busy exploring and learning how everything works. Its been nice because they are perfectly content playing with all of their new things while I get things done around here. Carson just jumps right in with Brody and like I said earlier, just seems so old.

 Learning to golf. 

Carson Jace, You are such a blessing to us. You make us laugh with your cute little voice and your hilarious faces. I love that you know what makes us laugh and continue to do it to get a reaction out of us. I love watching you love your big brother and when you try to hug and kiss him. Although he doesn't always respond in the most loving way, you continue to try. Sometimes you are challenging because of your strong will and determination. And other times you are so sweet and loving. I love how uniquely different you and your brother are but then can both find the same thing funny and laugh hysterically together. We love you Booger!

We were at my grandparents for Christmas and right as we were about to open gifts, Carson just tackled Brody for no reason and started trying to wrestle. Everyone in the room was crying from laughing so hard. 

The week before Christmas, Carson was on breathing treatments. He was such a trooper and got to where he could administer it to himself pretty much!

Learning to "hiss." 

Brotherly Love


  1. I can't get over how much they look alike! : )

  2. Happy 18th months, Carson! You are just precious! Cole just loves to play with you and you both have lots in common like wearing Mommy's boats and other shoes around. Priceless. Love you, Carson Jace!


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