Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can Anyone Help A Sista Out?

I am on the lookout for a child's table and some chairs. I went to Roundtop/Warrenton yesterday and scoured the vendors but didn't find quite what I was looking for. So I thought I'd ask yall for help. If anyone has a child's table they don't want/need anymore..or if you are out at a garage sale and you see me! I really don't want to pay the price for a brand new one..they are pricey! I would prefer rectangle or square because of the space I have to put it in. I don't have to have a set with matching chairs...but I am looking for chairs as well. I made the mistake of not buying the $20 chairs I saw at Roundtop bc I thought I could find them cheaper online. That was NOT the case. So me! Keep your eyes open. I would appreciate it!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

2 Month Update

Carson turned 2 months last week but I didn't get a chance to blog then. I can't believe how fast it is going by! The last 2 months have been great. We are quickly learning how to parent two small children who need different things all hours of the day. Carson is still pretty easy going, like I've said before. He just eats, poops, and sleeps. These days he is starting to interact with us a lot more. He started smiling around 6 weeks old and now he smiles all the time. Pretty much anytime you talk to him he gives you a toothless grin. Its precious. He is starting to "talk" as well. Lots of cooing, gurgling, little squeals. I love it! He seems to be in the best mood when he first wakes up in the morning and wakes me up with his sweet talking. I forgot how sweet it is when they first start all these things. He loves laying under the baby einstein play gym thingy. He is very amused by the lights and music, and of course the mirror.

At his 2 month checkup last week, he weighed in at a wopping 13 lbs 7 oz. He's in the 90th percentile. We don't know what its like having a big baby..Brody was always in like the 20th percentile. So we are loving his rolly polly legs!!

Big brother Brody is being his usual self. He's constantly adding new words to his vocabulary..or at least his version of the words. His new one these days is "muh" which means movie. He recently learned how to say "papa" which is his name for my dad, and "pawpaw" which is what he calls Matt's day. Sometimes that one comes out as "bawpaw" and makes me laugh everytime. Everytime he sees a circle he yells out "ball!!" So he's got the concept. When we start learning shapes it may be hard to convince him that those are called circles and not balls. Right now we are learning animals. He is so good at all his animal noises and pointing out the different animals in his books. I'm not sure what to move on to next. What things can a 20 month old understand right now? Colors? Shapes? I'm not sure that he's ready for numbers and letters...but I have no idea. Education majors..Moms...any suggestions? This morning we were playing with his alphabet puzzle (its the letters with a corresponding picture..A with an Apple, etc that just fit in order on a puzzle board) and I discovered that he has memorized where some of them go. I would hold up the letter and he would point to its correct spot. I was so proud. He doesn't really know that Z is the last letter..he just remembers that the Z with the Zebra go in the last spot. We did the puzzle about 3 times and every time he could tell me where the same 6 or 7 pieces went. Maybe all kids at his age should be able to do this and I just have no idea. I was just so proud of him! He goes to physical therapy this Friday to see a pediatric pt. We're hoping to make some progress on the walking.

Ok, well that's what's going on with our boys. Growing like crazy and changing everyday. Here's a couple pics!

Our sweet baby playing. I couldn't catch a good smile that day.

Brody laughing at momma being silly. His laugh is infectious!

Brody loves doing pull ups..And he's very good at it. He actually pulls himself up..Matt is just holding him. Probably bc he's crawled for so long..his arms are super strong!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Walking Update

I guess we should be more clear when we say Brody doesn't walk. Apparently, when you say that, most people have the impression that he physically can't take steps. The boy can walk all over the house by keeping a hand on the couch, a wall, a cabinet or someone's finger. And, he can walk pretty dang far without holding onto anything. However, he usually has to be coached to do this. What we mean by he doesn't walk is that he only walks alone, without holding onto something, if you are coaching him and he is walking towards someone who he knows is going to catch him. He finally has started walking from one couch to another without anyone urging him. Or from the ottoman to this wicker basket we have under our bar. He'll randomly make a run for something. But he does not just walk from one room to another, or even to an object in the middle of the floor. He walks from one stable thing he can grab onto to another. So does Brody walk? Physically yes. But can I just put him down and will he walk around the house. No way.

We went to see a physical therapist yesterday and after evaluating Brody, he says there is nothing wrong with him. He thinks that since he has waited so long to start trying, that now he is too smart. He knows he can fall and get hurt. So why take a chance? We know that he is scared. If you let go of him in an open area where he doesn't know what to walk to, you can see the fear in his eyes.

So now we're working on how to get over this. How to encourage him to walk towards something, such as a toy on the floor, and not needing to keep going until he gets to where he can grab on. We're praying for him constantly that his little ankles are physically strong enough to hold him up since he waited so long..and that he would overcome this fear of walking. We don't know if we're supposed to continue therapy or not. The PT made some calls to some pediatric PTs and I guess we can set up appts with them. But we're not sure if we're supposed to or not. We don't know if he needs it or if he just needs confidence. But maybe working with a PT will give him some confidence?

So keep praying for him..we feel he's getting closer. We NEED it to be closer. Mom can't carry a 2 month old and a 20 month old everywhere!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The time is approaching. The time of year that Matt waits for all year long. The time of year that as soon as its over, Matt is ready for it to begin again. Fortunately, I enjoy this "special time of year" too so I'm not complaining.

What is this special time, you ask? COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!! Tomorrow night is the first game of the season and we are ready for it. I'm not even sure who's playing, but all I know is we're having friends over, busting out the chips and salsa and firing up the grill. This is my favorite part. I really do enjoy watching the games with Matt, especially if I know the team and have someone to cheer for. When we first started dating, I think Matt was excited to know that I liked sports.

But I really like the college football atmosphere. The friends. The food. Just the laid back, nowhere to go feeling. We'll probably have the grill going most Saturdays loaded with sausage, burgers or whatever we feel like that week. Friends are always welcome so invite yourself over! Of course, the Aggie game will always be the game on the TV..but if its not on yet, we'll be watching another one.

So come on over! Let's get ready for some football! :)

I'll leave you with a couple of pics of our little Aggies. On Saturday, they'll both be decked out in their Aggie attire so next week you'll get some updated pics.

Carson just being cute :)
Brody loves to read.