Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The time is approaching. The time of year that Matt waits for all year long. The time of year that as soon as its over, Matt is ready for it to begin again. Fortunately, I enjoy this "special time of year" too so I'm not complaining.

What is this special time, you ask? COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!! Tomorrow night is the first game of the season and we are ready for it. I'm not even sure who's playing, but all I know is we're having friends over, busting out the chips and salsa and firing up the grill. This is my favorite part. I really do enjoy watching the games with Matt, especially if I know the team and have someone to cheer for. When we first started dating, I think Matt was excited to know that I liked sports.

But I really like the college football atmosphere. The friends. The food. Just the laid back, nowhere to go feeling. We'll probably have the grill going most Saturdays loaded with sausage, burgers or whatever we feel like that week. Friends are always welcome so invite yourself over! Of course, the Aggie game will always be the game on the TV..but if its not on yet, we'll be watching another one.

So come on over! Let's get ready for some football! :)

I'll leave you with a couple of pics of our little Aggies. On Saturday, they'll both be decked out in their Aggie attire so next week you'll get some updated pics.

Carson just being cute :)
Brody loves to read.


  1. i think matt and trent should have a night where they just sit and read books in their boxers to carson and brody in their diapers like in the bottom picture.

    i kinda laugh just thinking about it.

    it could be man night. ;)

  2. That would be hilarious. FYI, Matt would kill me if I put a pic of him in his boxers. Not sure that would be appropriate?? These are athletic shorts :)


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