Monday, April 6, 2009

A Brody Boy Update

Its been a while since I've posted about Brody boy. He is doing so many new things these days. He is such a mess! He still isn't walking and seems to have no interest in it whatsoever. Maybe one day...

He has always been so full of personality, but these days it is just overflowing. He is NEVER quiet..unless he's eating or sleeping. He loves to talk and sing. And dance! The boy LOVES his music and his dance moves are quite hilarious. I never seem to be able to catch them on camera though bc he already knows that digital cameras allow him to see himself on the back of it. So as soon as he sees me get the camera out, he's headed over to me so he can look. And its the same with the video camera. Seriously, how crazy is it that a 1 year old knows that much about technology!!

He also loves playing ball with his "DD." That's one of his names for Matt. When he gets really excited, he says DD instead of DaDa or Daddy. He loves throwing the ball but only with Matt. Its so precious watching him light up when daddy comes home and when they play. They have such a special bond. I love it!

He is doing so many things, I can't think of them all. He loves to copy whatever we do, try to repeat things, loves being outside and reading books. Here are some pics from the last couple of months! Love you Brody boy!

"Helping" me cook.

Checking out the fish with Daddy, PaPa and Uncle Drew

He loves the park!

More cooking :)

And he likes shoes too....
Playing with Cole in the bluebonnets on the way to Warrenton

He loves my headbands. (ok, I'm noticing that he likes too many girly things. Maybe he spends too much time with me)You can't really tell here, but he is playing the drums. His FAVORITE thing ever!

Kissing Baby Carson! He's going to love his brother!

Playing the horsey game with daddy. It interacts with the TV..that's what he's looking up at.


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