Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Well, 2 people had the first name right..and no one had the middle name. Way to go Blaire and Liz! It's Carson Jace. We have loved the name "Carson" since we were trying to name Brody. We almost named him Brody Carson. But thank goodness we didn't bc now we get to use the cute name on another precious boy! So thanks for all 6 of your guesses :) Some of you came so close!


  1. So glad it is finally out now! Can't wait to meet Carson.


  2. So cute! We almost had a Ruthie Jace. I fought Jason on the middle name because "Jace" sounds like a boy name......and it in fact now is:). He loved it with Ruthie, but I didn't like it for a girl. It sounds awesome with Carson!

    Love you!


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