Friday, June 24, 2011

Cutie Patooties

Just a few pics of our week. Caught the boys in action!

 Mom built a pretty cool train track with 2 levels! 

 Hello James!

 Little Monster chasing down the train with a small truck.

 Had to bring in reinforcements to create the elevation.

 Brodster waiting patiently for his train to come back around. Looks like another was derailed in the meantime.

 This little roadblock seemed to be popping up everywhere, intentionally sending Thomas and his friends flying off their tracks.

 And causing catastrophes like this one!

 After a long day on the railway, its time for some grub! We're TRYING to be patient!

 Yum! So worth the wait!

 That evening, our little sluggers were refueled and ready to play some ball with Daddy!

Mom is picturing this (plus 1 more) a few years down the road. **Sigh**

I just hit it far!

Gotta get clean after a long hard day!

Mom! This is so embarrassing!
Yes, my big boy can take showers by himself. He washes with a Johnson's Buddy Bar and can even scrub his hair. I pitch in when I know he's really dirty, but for the most part, he does a really great job! 


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