Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer facelift

Like I said in the previous post, my tastes change and I go back and forth on what style I love. And that holds true to the blog design as well. I think I've finally found a design I will stick with for a while. The colors may change and some details may be added, but I think I'm finally loving the menu bars, fonts, etc. I made it cheery for the summer but can always change those for different seasons while keeping the style the same. So if you read it in google reader (which is 99% of you), go check it out! And you're also missing out on the info pages with updates on the boys.

*For those of you that think "Surely this girl has more important things to do than change blog designs" don't worry, I do it in my "down" time. While some moms rest or read to relax, it really helps me unwind to work in photoshop. Its my relaxing time. So don't worry, my real life isn't being neglected over a blog :)


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