Monday, July 13, 2009

3 Days

Well, I've made it 39 weeks. We are all in shock. We thought this sweet boy would have been here a couple of weeks ago at the latest. We are very glad that he stayed safely tucked in as long as he has..but just very surprised. So after all the pre-term scare and bed rest ordeal, it has now come down to being induced! That's right! Who would have thought! If Carson isn't born before this Thursday, July 16th, I will be induced then. So we will for sure be parents of 2 boys on Thursday! The way things are looking, its doubtful he will come before then. I guess there's always a chance though. We decided to induce for a couple of reasons. One, my dr is amazing and has made the decision to only work 2 days a week so she can stay home with her twin babies. However, this limits the number of days she's available for appointments and deliveries. So with it being scheduled, we can guarantee she will be there. Also, since I received steroid shots,etc when we thought Carson may be early, he is now quite a big boy in there. So having him a few days before my due date will just keep him a little smaller..and 4 days before my due date is plenty safe for him to come!

We are very excited! Its crazy to have a set date! I think it makes me a little more nervous though. It makes me feel as though I have so much to do in these last 3 days and only a limited amount of time to do certain things. I feel like I'm being lazy and un-productive just by taking the time to write this post! But in reality, I need to just relax! It will get done..and if it doesn't, OH WELL!

We are trying to get Brody excited about being a big brother. He loves babies and likes to "help" with them. So I'm hoping he is very welcoming and loving to his new brother. But he is 18 months old..he may not like that mommy's attention is not focused soley on him anymore. I guess it will be a learning and adjustment period for all of us.

The plan is to try to keep friends and family updated on the progress throughout the day on the blog. No graphic details, but just updates to let you know that things are progressing and how we are doing. And an announcement when he's born of course. If you want hospital info, Matt's phone number, etc then email me.

Can't wait for you to meet our new angel!


  1. yaaay! congrats, sweet friend. can't wait to meet him through pictures. i know he'll be adorable. praying for safe, smooth delivery and a healthy boy. love you.

  2. You know I do!!! I'm so excited for you. I can't believe you are about to be a mommy to TWO boys. It seems like just yesterday you were sitting on my couch and we were talking about marriage! God is sooooo good. I love seeing Him in and through your marriage and family.

    Love you and await the exciting news of Carson's arrival!



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