Monday, October 24, 2011

Brody's Walk

There's a good chance that everyone that reads this blog knows about our Brody's Walk project. But just in case, I wanted to do a quick rundown on here and post the links. 

After our MDA appointment, we began praying about..well, a lot of things. Praying more fervently for Brody, praying for our family, praying for wisdom, etc. Lots of praying. After a few days, we had many ideas about different ways to spread the word about CMT in general, share Brody's story, and raise money for his medical expenses. Thus, Brody's Walk was born.

We started a blog,, to have a place to share things specific to Brody and his journey with CMT, and at times, just CMT in general.  There are pages that share about Brody's story, what CMT actually is, ways to help, and more. We hope this will create an avenue for us to reach other families, specifically those with children who are fighting this disorder. We would love for this to bring us in contact with families who need Jesus and that we would be able to share His love with them, encourage them and hopefully lead them towards Christ.

We also want to use it to share fundraising opportunities and events we may have going on. We are in the process of starting ways to raise money to put into an account for Brody's medical expenses. Hopefully the blog will let others know what we have going on and how they can help Brody boy. We also wanted those who are donating or purchasing items to have a place to get information about the cause they are donating to. You can read more specifically about how we hope to use the blog here on the welcome post of the Brody's Walk blog. So we hope you'll follow, bookmark, subscribe, put it in google reader, or whatever way you keep up with your blog reading!

To begin our fundraising efforts, we started an Etsy shop. Although we are no longer running our photography business, I still adore photoshop and designing fun things. So we will be selling home decor prints and possibly stationery products. So far, I've been able to put together a few pieces of scripture art and am working on getting more designed and up for sale. We've already had a great response and are excited about the possibilities. Check out the shop

Lastly, we set up a facebook page for Brody. We aren't actually on facebook personally, but we know that it is the best way to reach the masses. News travels fast when just one person posts something. So we thought what better way to get our friends and family to help spread the word about Brody's Walk than through facebook! So if you're a facebook user, "like" Brody's Walk Facebook page!

Although the circumstances in which we created this project are not exciting, it is exciting to see how God is going to use this circumstance to bring glory to Himself. We've said from the beginning that we knew God was going to use this in a mighty way and I pray that this is part of that. We hope you'll join us in this journey! The links are scattered throughout this post, but I've listed them over on the side of the blog for quick reference as well.


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