Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sip N' See

Leigh Ann and Dena put together a Sip N' See essentials shower for us after Brooks was born. My friends from church had hosted a prayer shower where I was loaded with essentials so we thought it would be cool to wait until after he was born to have a family shower when I knew more of what I still needed and also so the family could meet the little guy. It was such a cool idea and I think everyone should do this from now on! I think the guests enjoyed getting to love on the baby that they had brought gifts for!

As always, Leigh Ann did a great job decorating and preparing food for the shower. She chose a transportation theme, which matched perfectly with Brooks' room decor.

 We all had to guess what each baby food was. Simple, but cute shower game.

 Adorable transportation puzzles that Brooks got to bring home for his room.

 The man of the hour was on display, of course!

Love the use of onezies as decor!

See that cheesecake under the glass? It was amazing..chocolate chip cookie crust, cheesecake, drizzled with melted chocolate. 
 Nana and Brooks (my grandmother)
 Meeting Aunt Nikki and Macy (can you believe she's his GREAT aunt)

Memaw and Brooks (Matt's Grandmother)

I'm sad I didn't get pictures with Brooks and everyone else at the shower. We'll have to get around to that soon!


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