Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Brody Boy!

You turned 2 yesterday, Jan 19th. It feels like not that long ago that you were 6 lbs 3 oz. And now you're in the living room going up and down your slide and reprimanding your brother all at the same time. The last year has been a crazy one for you with all the walking issues, but you've been a trooper. You've developed such a funny personality and are constantly cracking everyone up. You're also strong willed, which results in many spankings and "little talks." I know you hate that, but believe me, its for your own good.

You love your brother to the fullest..most of the time. You are concerned when he cries and you laugh when he laughs. I love watching you two wrestle. Carson can almost take you. He grabs a handful of your hair and takes you down like nobody's business. So you might want to watch out in the coming years. And he is only 7 lbs lighter than you, so you might want to start some weight training!

Don't ever stop thinking your daddy is a super hero. I love how you get so excited when he gets home and most mornings don't want him to leave for work.

You are such a great helper to me with your brother and around the house. Your favorite helpful task is going to get a diaper for Carson and telling me when he poops. Thank you for your sweet, heart of service.

We love you soo much Brody boy! We can't wait to see you grow and change over the next year!

Here are some photos from you birthday party! Hope you had a blast with your friends!

Mom and Caitlyn worked very hard on these jungle animal cupcakes. And they were a hit!

Waiting patiently for your friends to arrive.

Being silly with Madisyn.

Your balloon animal.

Making animals with Gracie and Ethan.

Ready to blow out the candles on your monkey cupcake.

The only bite you took out of your cupcake and it was mostly icing. Mom forgot you don't even like cake. I should have made you a special chocolate chip cookie.

You loved opening your gifts, of course.

Reading a new book with Shane, Ethan and Leigh Leigh.


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