Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Outbreak

We had fun plans for Christmas this year. Brent and Leigh Ann were going to be here all day Christmas Eve so Matt was off work. We planned to hang out, take family photos, and play games. We were going to be at Matt's parents' Christmas morning and then off to other family parties. Well, what was going to be a fun filled couple of days turned into the most memorable Christmas in history. On the Monday night before Christmas, Brody came down with a stomach virus. I woke up with it on Christmas eve morning so while I stayed home sick in the bed(and by the toilet), Matt took the boys on to his parents to start the celebrations without me. Because no one wanted me to be alone on Christmas eve, Matt came to get me later in the day once I was feeling a little better. Probably not the best idea...

Christmas Eve night the virus spread to Matt and his mom. So instead of getting up excited on Christmas morning, Dena and Matt had to stay in their beds. So instead of celebrating Christmas, Allen and Brent watched the kids while Leigh Ann and I prepared food for the other family Christmas gatherings that day. By Christmas night, the virus hit Brent and Leigh Ann. The next day we found out it hit a few more people. By the end of Christmas weekend, it had spread to over 20 people in the family. All by coming in contact with one of us who had already had it or had been exposed to it and the symptoms just hadn't showed up yet.  It was horrible. I have never seen something so contagious. So needless to say, if I ever get sick on Christmas eve again, I doubt anyone will care if I'm home alone.

We finally got to celebrate Christmas with Matt's family on New Years day. It turned out to be a great day. We spent the night at Matt's parents on NY Eve and got to hang out and play games. We woke up the next morning just as if it was Christmas morning and finally got to celebrate. And what was even better, we didn't have to rush off to other Christmas parties but instead got to just enjoy the time together. And you see no pictures here because I forgot my camera. I know, seriously, how does that happen?

This year was a real reminder that its not about presents and excitement and parties. While all those things are fun, its truly about the birth of our Savior. Christmas happened whether we were feeling up for it or not. Thank you Jesus for coming to save us. Thank you for being You even though we couldn't truly enjoy your birthday this year.


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