Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Year Older..and Hopefully Wiser

This past weekend I turned 26. I know what you that are older than 26 are thinking. "26 is so young. I wish I was 26 again." And believe me, I know 26 is young. But when you are married and have 2 children at doesn't feel so young. But in a good way. I would never want to go back to being 20 and immature. (even though I thought I was so mature for 20)

I had a great birthday. My wonderful husband had been saving up some money to spend on me for my birthday. He knew that I wanted new "after baby" clothes and I wanted to wait until I hit the 6 month mark so I could fit into the size I wanted ;) So he took me to Houston on Saturday to spend the day shopping. We had a great day spending time as a young family of four. He was a trooper with the boys and let me go into any and all the stores I wanted to and was so patient with me. It takes me a while to decide on clothes..especially pants. So he gave me his honest (I think) opinions of everything I tried on and seriously helped me A LOT! I am also bad about not wanting to spend money on myself. So he forced me to buy some stuff. Later that day, my parents, Andrew and Rebecca, and Nana met us at the mall. They helped with the boys while Matt and I finished up our shopping. Then we headed to Carrabba's, my fave Italian place, for dinner. I had a great birthday celebration and I have Matt to thank for putting it all together.

So like my previous post said, this year is going to be a good year. 26 is going to be a good year for me. I already feel like this year has started off great. A few things we've accomplished or plan to do:

I almost have my entire house completely reorganized (besides my kitchen which is in the middle of a makeover). I hope to finish up the couple of rooms I have left this week.

We decided not to take on anymore weddings this year besides the ones we have booked in order for me to make sure that my first priority at home is Matt and the boys. Knowing that I won't be stressed with an overload of editing and shooting already has me excited about the time I'll get to spend really training up Brody this year. He is hitting the age where he really understands so much and absorbs every little bit of knowledge we pour into him. So as much as I love shooting, I love my family more. We aren't quitting or anything, just making sure we don't take on more than we should.

We are about to start reading Sacred Marriage together. We know that no matter how great our marriage is, it can always get better and the devil will always try to sneak in and cause division. So we want to continue to find ways to grow together as a couple and closer to the Lord. We also have some other books on our list that we plan to read through and we get to take turns picking out the books. I'm really excited about this because we've never read anything together.

We got a chest freezer for Christmas and I'm hoping this will allow me to change the way I grocery shop and prepare meals. I could never buy in bulk or take advantage of great deals on meat because we had no where to store it. And now I should be able to have freezer cooking days as well. Time and money saver!

This is going to be a great year. I know it. The Lord is going to use us this year like we never imagined. I'm so glad I'm 26. I feel like an adult now for some reason. It feels different than 25. Bring it on!


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