Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Lumberton

The weekend before Christmas we packed up and headed to Lumberton to celebrate with my family. Although the visit started out a little rough, it ended up being a great one. When we got into town on Friday night, we met up with everyone for dinner at one of our favorite Mexican spots. I think it was the first time in a while that all of parents, brother and his gf, sister and her husband, Matt and I, and the kids...all had dinner together. It was great! After dinner we headed back to my parents to have a pretend Christmas eve by playing the Wii and drinking hot chocolate. Chase and Shelley, my sis and her husband, stopped by their house on the way to pick up her dog so he could hang with us that night. After being there for only a short while, the dog escaped out the front door and ended up getting hit and killed right in front of Shelley and my parents while they were looking for him. It was tragic. Shelley took that dog everywhere with her. It was her baby. So the night was cut short as they went home immediately. And that put a damper on the evening for the rest of us so we didn't play many games.

However, the next morning was pretend Christmas morning and it turned out great. Shelley and Chase came back over early to enjoy breakfast and gifts. Brody hasn't quite grasped the concept of Christmas yet so everyone was waiting for him to get up since he decided to sleep in. The day then lead us to both sets of grandparents houses for lunch and dinner. We had a great weekend celebrating with everyone.

This was waiting for Brody boy.

Carson was up bright and early, excited about Christmas.

Brody finally decides to make his way into the living room.

And makes a b-line for the 4-wheeler.

He's already a pro.

Once he started finding his gifts he was ready.

And definitely got the hang of things quickly.

Uncle C brought his big 4-wheeler out to Nonnie's just so Brody could take his first ride. He LOVED it!

Macy, Logan and Brody. Quite a crew.

I just thought he looked cute here.

At Nana's, Brody mastered his ping pong skills. Look at his face!

Sorry there's not many pics of Carson. He pretty much slept the whole time and wasn't interested in opening gifts.


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