Monday, February 1, 2010

Half a Year with Car-Baby...A little Belated

Carson turned 6 months 2 weeks ago on January 16. We got all wrapped up in Brody's birthday party and leg braces that I completely forgot to write a 6 month post for Carson.

Our big boy is growing like crazy. He's in the 90th percentile in all categories...weight, height, and head size. At least he's in proportion :) He is crawling around the house and is unstoppable. He army crawls right now but will be on his hands and knees in no time. He's got the knees up but I guess isn't quite strong enough in the arms to get around on "all fours" yet. He is sitting up all by himself but hasn't quite learned that he shouldn't dive backwards so we don't leave him alone sitting. The dr said that it takes a little longer for the big ones to sit on their own because they have a lot of weight to hold up haha!

He is the happiest baby ever. He never cries unless he's tired or hungry. He loves to play by himself and with his big brother. He laughs so hard at Brody and loves to pull his hair. They are so cute together. It is going to be so much fun watching them grow up.

Carson has 2 bottom teeth and is getting one of his top ones right now. He absolutely LOVES food. He hated just cereal mixed with formula, but once he was ready for veggies and we started mixing them in with the cereal he was excited. At meal time he starts flapping his arms, squealing and showing off his teeth with a huge smile. I really need to get it on video bc its hilarious. He is a much cleaner eater than Brody was because he doesn't let much miss his mouth..and doesn't push much out with his tongue either. The boy likes his food. Which is a huge blessing because Brody wasn't and still isn't a big fan of food. Its so amazing to see how different 2 kids can be that are raised in the same home and in the same way. The Lord definitely knew we needed one that was a little more laid back and easy going.

I feel horrible that I don't have many pictures of him right now. I think that's another reason I was putting off writing this because I thought I would get a chance to get more photos. We love you Car-Baby! You are precious!


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