Monday, May 4, 2009

Funny Brody Story

Brody Boy is so much like his daddy in so many ways. He definitely has his sense of humor, love of sports and so much more. Some people know that Matt HATES and I mean REALLY HATES stickers. Any type of sticker that a kid would have to stuck to them or on paper, he hates them. Its a weird phobia. Lately Brody and I have been doing sticker crafts and Matt keeps saying he doesn't want him to like stickers.

So yesterday, Matt, being the wonderful husband he is, took Brody with him on a grocery shopping trip. (I've been having contractions and am not supposed to over do it so he volunteered to do the shopping for us this week.) When he got back he said "I have a hilarious story to tell you." Apparently, while they were checking out there was an "incident." Matt pushed the cart up so the bagger could put the bags in. Brody was just jabbering away to the people and seemed happy. Matt turned to give the checker the coupons (that's right!) and to pay. He glanced and noticed the bagger giving Brody a sticker. He was like aww man, but just let it go. All of a sudden, Brody started crying histarically. He was reaching for Matt and trying to climb out of the cart. Matt had no idea what happened.

What he saw next made him beam with pride. Brody was tugging at his shirt and had a look of fear in his eyes. The bagger had put the sticker on Brody's shirt and he wanted it off. He hated it on him. He was looking down at his shirt, scared, trying to get the HEB sticker off of him. Matt said as soon as he took it off of him, Brody immediately stopped crying. All he wanted was to get that horrible thing off his shirt. Hilarious!

He is definitely his daddy's boy!

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