Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

Last Wednesday we took a trip over to Houston to visit the zoo with Cole and Aunt Leigh Ann. It was the day after it flooded in Houston so we were a little worried that it wouldn't work out..or if it did, that it would be a nasty day. The weather turned out to be even got pretty hot. However, what we didn't know was that pretty much every elementary school in Houston was going to be at the zoo that day. Literally EVERY k-2nd child was there. It was crazy! Soo..we had a good time..but it was a little hectic. Kids kept getting in front of the strollers so Cole and Brody couldn't see a lot of the animals. Plus some of the walls were a little high so we kept having to get them out of the strollers so they could see. Some animals Brody pretty much couldn't care less about. But there were definitely some that he was very interested in. He loved the lions, the elephants and the komodo dragon bc he could see them really well. We'll definitely be making plenty of trips to the zoo so he'll learn what everything is. Just maybe not this summer..its already getting hot and Baby Carson will be here before we know it!

I'm a cool dude in my mom's sunglasses!

Hey, I want whatever is on HIS tray!

Not lovin the preggo pics..but I couldn't not take a pic with my boy. I don't have many! Not sure what he is looking at.

Can't remember what the animal is called that he is trying to look at but he was very interested. Cole is enjoying his food back there.

We went back to Cole's and had dinner and played a little while before we had to go home.


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