Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Little Talker

Brody loves to talk. Most of the time its jibberish..but apparently he knows exactly what he's saying bc he sometimes expects a response from us. Its very funny. Lately though, he has really started picking up on words and tries very hard to say them correctly. Here's a few that he has mastered and that we're working on.

Dada, Daddy
Nana - (banana)
Yay! (usually accompanied with clapping)
Bebe - (baby)
No-No (he's never told us "no", but he sometimes says it to himself.)
Bah - (ball)
Ah Don - (all done..he also signs this so it makes it easier to figure out what he's saying)

I feel like I'm forgetting some. He rambles on and on all day so I feel like there's some real words he's slipping in sometimes that we haven't picked up on yet.

And I think we're getting even closer to walking! He loves to walk back and forth between Matt and I. He's taken about 5 steps on his own and then always dives. He will be standing with his back to the couch and take off from there to someone...or to no one..which isn't always the best. So he's getting closer. Maybe in the next couple of weeks? Or maybe that's just wishful thinking? I don't know how fast it comes once they are at this stage.

That's the only updates for now. We worked hard around the house and yard this week getting things ready. I'll have an update on Carson's room and the patio project very soon! Things look different around here!


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