Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: Bissell Lift-Off Deep Cleaning System

This may look a little strange for this blog, but I couldn't help raving about this product. Our best pals recently loaned us their Bissell Carpet Cleaner to try out on our living room while they are on vacation. They were so pleased with how clean it got their carpets and couches that I couldn't resist giving it a try. With 3 little boys, our carpets are in constant need of cleaning and spot treating. They had recently gotten to their worst point with obvious stains right in the center of the living room. We had even discussed putting a rug down, but decided it wouldn't look all that great.

So, we borrowed the Bissell. The Bissell Lift-Off to be exact. This machine far exceeded my expectations. When Andrea told me how well it did on her carpets, I believed her, but also knew that she probably didn't have the spills, spitup (yes, there were some spots that we didn't realize we missed at times), and ground in stains that we had. So I expected in general for the carpets to look cleaner, but to ultimately still see the faint remnants of the stains. Holy cow, was I wrong!! Every stain is gone. No trace of spilled juice, ground in dirt, baby spitup, anything. Its all gone. I need to emphasize that the carpet in our home could be 10+ years they don't look brand new. There are worn spots, etc..but they are clean. I only did the living room..and am considering going to buy more cleaning solution to do the entire house this week. Our sweet friends were nice enough to let us have the sample that came with the machine to try it out.

Another neat feature of this machine is the lift-off feature. As shown in the picture, you can lift off the middle portion and clean anything in your home...sofas and chairs, stairs, etc. I didn't use this part so I can't comment on it, but if it cleans as well as the whole unit, I'm sure it does great! And the entire process was so simple...
-Add water and solution.
-Squeeze handle and move forwards then backwards once. Then you release the handle and it keeps scrubbing while vacuuming up the water and soap. So you can go back and forth as many times as you like. The more you vacuum, the more water it soaks up and the faster it dries. Then move on to the next line.
-Dump the water from the tank when it gets to the fill line. This water is NASTY! It's so gross to see how dirty the carpet was...but kind of rewarding to see your work paying off. I went over the dirtiest spots twice, and the water was gross both times. I bet I could do the room again today and still get as much dirty water. I probably emptied the dirty tank, and refilled the clean water with solution tank 7 times while cleaning the living room.It took me about an hour to do our living room.

Comparison: This past fall we had a door to door vacuum salesman come and offer to do a free carpet cleaning while we listened to his sales pitch. We needed a cleaning so why not get it for free? We knew we weren't going to buy it but didn't mind spending an hour or so listening in order to get a free cleaning. (Long story but the guy stayed from 6:45pm until almost was insane!) His machine was a well-known high end vacuum that you can only buy from a salesman. It was impressive. Large and powerful, a lot of neat features, and sucked up mounds of skin cells from my mattress. I wanted it just for that feature. So as far as a vacuum However, I was not impressed with the shampoo feature. Granted, he was doing a demo and may have not done that thorough of a job, but then again, he was trying to sell it so he should have done the best job possible. But when it had dried the next morning, it didn't look considerably different than before. So if I were comparing the $2500 machine to the Bissell, I choose the Bissell for shampooing.

So, this was just my little plug for the Bissell Lift-Off System. If anyone is interested in purchasing a home carpet cleaner, I highly recommend this one. If you like to have your carpets cleaned often, its much more cost effective than paying a professional. You can buy them at Walmart, Target, etc.

Coming up of my cute kids and my chore chart solution!

*I was not compensated for this review. I posted it on my own in order to share a great product with my friends and family.*

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  1. I have a dirt devil shampooer that's only Ho-hum. I'll keep your review in mind when I have a chance to replace mine :)


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