Wednesday, July 18, 2012

brooksie boy: 10 month update!

I'm a few days late on Brooks' 10 month update. But, since I haven't done an update since he was 6 months..what's a few more days, right?

Well, since I haven't posted about Brooks in 4 months, I'd say he's changed quite a lot since then :)

-He's a professional crawler. He started at about 8.5 months. Matt and I went on a trip and he waited until the week we got back to start. Ever since then I can't keep up with him. I look away for a split second and he's gone to another room. The baby gate is getting lots of use these days.
-He still isn't fully pulling up. He's done it a couple of times on the bathtub because he can get a good grip. But other than that, he hasn't pulled up on sofas, the crib, etc. He sticks one leg way out and acts like he's going to try but never plants his foot under him and pushes up. So hopefully he's just taking his time with need to rush it right?
-He has 2 bottom teeth and his 2 top teeth are working their way in right now. So you can imagine the drool we have going on.

At 9 months, he was around 21 lbs. He is just slightly over 50th percentile. So still not the largest kid on the block..but definitely not the smallest. He does wear mostly 12 month clothes already though.

 Pardon the snot and drool. He had a little cold.


Brooksie Boy is a very fickle eater. One day, he wants everything in the pantry...and big boy style. The next day, he refuses to eat anything I offer him and when I resort to digging out a jar of baby food, he inhales it. Its so strange. But for the most part, he eats well. There's only a few things he doesn't like. He takes 3 bottles a day...6am, mid afternoon, and bedtime.

This boy likes his sleep. And doesn't do well when he doesn't get it. He still takes 2 naps a day, usually 10am and 2pm. He sleeps about 2 hours each time, sometimes longer. He goes down for the night between 7pm and 8pm. Some nights he'll decide he needs a little attention between 11pm and midnight. If he doesn't get too hysterical, we let him cry. But I can't lie, there are nights that one of us goes and gives him the paci and if he begs, we even rock him for a minute until he settles back down. He then sleeps until about 6am. I give him a bottle and he goes back to sleep until 8am or so.

This little guy is such a happy baby. Unless he's tired, hungry, or feeling bad, you don't hear much crying or fussing from him. He's usually very content playing with toys and chasing his brothers around the house. If they are in their room playing, he will search every room until he finds them. His little face lights up and his eyes get so big. He lets out an excited squeal and rushes in the room (on his hands and knees of course.)

One thing I wish we could get on video is his goat noise. Its not actually a laugh..but a noise he makes when he gets excited (if you are about to hand him food usually). It sounds like a goat...that's the only way I know to explain it. It is stinking hilarious. He could be a YouTube sensation.

 playing with his big brothers

 Hey, I'm cute!
 Oh wait, they are doing something funny over there...
I'm coming to join in on the fun!!
Matt and the big boys were playing football and he couldn't be left out!
I can't believe this guy will be 1 year old in 2 months!! That seems insane!! Hopefully I'll at least do a 1 year post!! I'm getting better at blogging so hopefully I can stay on top of it now. 


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