Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prayer for Today: Brody's MRI

We are headed to Temple today for Brody's Spinal MRI. They want to check to see if there is anything blocking the nerve signals from being sent to his legs correctly. He will be sedated and then the MRI will last about 2 hours. Here are the prayer points I sent to our hope group.

-His cooperation as they administer the IV
-Safety for him while he is sedated
-For Matt and I as we wait. Its scary to have your little 2 year old under anesthesia
-Wisdom for the doctors as they look at the results
-That everything would come back normal
-He had to stop eating at 7:30am today. He can only have clear liquids (water, gatorade, apple juice) up until 11:30 and then nothing until after the test. So when he wakes up around 4 or so later today, he's going to be starving. Pray that he understands what we explain to him about not being able to eat and that we have patience with him if he gets upset because he's hungry at lunch time. 

Thank you friends for your faithful prayer throughout this process. You make it so much easier to get through all these things! I'll update you with results as soon as we have them!


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