Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh Yes I Did...

turn this on today.

I'm all high tech now and have it in my itunes. No need to bust out the age old CDs. So while I'm cooking dinner for our church potluck tonight, I'm jamming to Mariah Carey Christmas. I post about this every single year. Because its my all time fave Christmas CD. The girl has some pipes. 

I know its only November. And don't worry, I'm not forgetting about Thanksgiving that is next week. But this time of year just gets me so excited about the coming season. The time to celebrate Christ's birth. I hope to have another post in the next few weeks about our Christmas crafts and traditions. 

But I just thought you all should know that I'm already listening to Mariah. In my mind, once Mariah is playing, its Christmas time!! 


  1. um, i definitely downloaded some dave barnes' christmas this morning. :)

    love me some christmas music and some palermos. haha.

  2. I am so glad to have found your I can really stay up to date! (I love blogs!)

    As for that particular CD, I will NOT tell Clint that you you have already broken it out...He loves her music!!! ;-)

  3. IIIII don't want a lot for Christmas..........


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