Monday, November 22, 2010

Changing Seasons

After 3 years, I am saying goodbye to something I dearly love.  Something that has taught me so much, grown me and even changed me. Something that has been such a blessing to my family. Something that will never leave me and will always be a part of me. But after June of next year, I will no longer be a photographer. 

Earlier this fall, the Lord laid it on my heart to stop shooting professionally. At first I thought I was just overwhelmed with all the editing and that once things slowed down I would change my mind. But things slowed down. And nothing changed. I still had this overwhelming feeling that we were supposed to stop. And just in case I wouldn't listen, God told Matt the same thing. So it was pretty clear to us that we should stop booking weddings and just fulfill the commitments we had already made to people.

Over the next few weeks it became very apparent to me how much I wanted to stop shooting. I wanted to be able to give my children my full attention all day. And I wanted nap time to consist of housework or fun crafts and projects.Things that other moms were getting to do. Not full of being stressed out by high maintenance brides, editing photos and designing wedding albums. 

We had 4 wedding contracts for 2011 and 3 verbal commitments. I was thinking that 7 was a lot, but had already committed to these people and couldn't back out. Soon, we found out that all 3 of the girls who hadn't actually signed a contract had either found someone else or just never got back in touch with me. So now we only have 4 weddings next year! Who would have thought I would ever be so excited about someone NOT choosing me to shoot their wedding? Just more proof that we were making the right decision and God was leading us this direction. 

For so long I've been known as Larra aka wife, mom and photographer. I can't even describe how excited I am to drop the photographer off the end of my title. Its not like I am this super start amazing photographer. There are waaayyy more talented people. But its something that I got pretty good at and provided things for my family when we needed them. Like 2 sets of expensive leg braces for Brody boy. And a big start to a downpayment for our next house. Things that would have taken us years to save up for or pay back. 

I am so thankful to the Lord for this talent and for allowing it to be a big part of my life for a few years. There are seasons in life and they come for a while and then change. I'm starting a new season of life now. A season that includes a camera by my side at all times. But the subjects through my lens will be 2 precious little boys and their daddy, family Christmas parties, my sweet nieces and nephews, our family, our friends. Our everyday life. And no one will ever have to pay me to capture those precious moments. Moments that I won't miss by being distracted or pulled away by a girl in a big white dress. 


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