Monday, October 20, 2008

9 Month Checkup

Brody turned 9 months yesterday! He is getting to be such a big boy! Today we went for his 9 month checkup and he's right on track.

He's still a little guy. He weighed 18 lbs 2 oz (10-25th percentile) and was 27 in long (1oth percentile!) So he's just probably not going to be very big.
He had to have blood work done so they can do some standard 9 month tests and he was such a big boy! It wasn't just a prick in the foot like they do when they are newborn. Oh no, it was a big needle with the little tube thing just like they would use on an adult. The only reason he even cried was because we were pinning him down, not because she stuck a huge needle in his arm. He didn't even notice the needle. Now he looks all cool like he just donated plasma with his little armband on. For those of you in the B/CS area, you know what I'm talking about..that cheesy commercial where the guy is in the hot tub with some girls and reaches for a drink so you can see that he just donated plasma that day and THAT'S why those girls are in the hot tub with him. Well, Brody is reaching for his favorite toy..THAT's how cool he is!

He is doing so many things these days. He says mama and dada and knows what he is saying. He loves to say mama when he wants something..and that makes it VERY hard not to give in. When he wakes up in the mornings he pulls his bumper down so he can see out of his crib. Its quite a funny site..he looks like he's in jail. His crawling is getting better. He still army crawls but is getting very fast and is starting to push off with his feet. He can stand very well by just holding onto something, be it a finger, a knee or the couch. I have a feeling it won't be long until he's pulling up. He does so many new things, its hard to name them all. And let me tell you, he's a comedian! He definitely gets that from his daddy. You should see them together..they're a hoot!Here are some pics of our funny boy!

Early morning

Trying to watch tv instead of play w/ my toys

I love this used toy you bought me for $7, Mom!

But I REALLY love this clothes basket more!

Getting all cleaned up!

Such a cutie!

Did mom mention that I like to make funny faces and show off my teeth?

All smiles..most of the time.

Whatchu talkin bout, mama?


  1. My nephew is absolutely adorable! How funny is he! Looking forward to watching our boys grow up together and be great friends. Will they be double trouble like us?? :)

    Love you sweet boy! Looking forward to this weekend.

    Love, leigh leigh

  2. oh my! he's growing super fast. he's such an adorable baby boy. i love the one of him in the brown, smiling sweetly at his mama.

  3. umkay...he's getting so stinkin cute!

    BTW...I tagged you on our blog:) Check it out:)


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