Monday, November 3, 2008

Brody's First Halloween

It's so fun getting to have "firsts" with Brody. He has no idea what's really going on at this stage, but its fun for mom and dad! And an excuse to take tons of photos! Brody had his first Halloween this weekend. I wouldn't say he "celebrated" his first Halloween...Halloween isn't really a celebration. Just an excuse to dress up and get candy. Matt and I both don't take it very seriously but definitely thought it was fun to try to dress Brody up as something. We had some ideas but decided that because of his crazy hair, he would make a good rocker with an awesome mohawk. And the mohawk really ended up being all of his costume. We put some cute clothes on him, but we didn't really have anything that said "I'm a RockStar!"

My handsome boys!

Side view of the hair.

Brody Boy and Mommy
(Sorry we're a little washed out. The flash was way to bright but I haven't had time to edit any photos.)

We went over to Kristin and David's for dinner and some guitar hero. Kristin was one of my college roommates and David was our next door neighbor. They just moved back to CS in the last few months so its been great getting to hang out with them again!

Brody LOVED Maggie (the hot dog). He gave her tons of kisses!

We played Guitar Hero for the first time. I can't believe I've been missing out on this!

Kristin and David were REALLY GOOD! They blew us away!

My son and his crazy faces!

The Rocker and his guitar.

And look what was waiting for us when we got home....

This Cute Lil Pumpkin!

Brent, Leigh Ann and Cole spent the weekend with us. Our boys had a good time together. Sometimes Brody is a little too rough so we had to keep a close eye on him. But he sure loves his cousin!

Does anyone notice that Cole is as tall as Brody when they are sitting down? Yea, that's right. Brody is a shorty!


  1. he's the cutest rockstar. love that wild hair. let's plan to get together soon.

  2. The Rockstar and the Pumpkin are so cute!! And both are growing way too fast.

  3. We had fun on Halloween, can't wait to do pictures with you in 2 weeks!

  4. It was a fun weekend. I am glad we were able to stay over so the boys could play together. They are really cute together and I love how Brody gets excited to see Cole, very cute! See you this weekend!


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