Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time for a Brody update!

It probably hasn't been too terribly long since the last Brody update, but I feel like he is doing so much these days, it was definitely time for one.

He is ALL OVER THE PLACE! He has decided to start trying to crawl..finally! However, he doesn't get up on his hands and knees. He does sort of a wounded soldier crawl. His legs are straight out, board stiff while he uses his arms to pull himself forward. And its not one arm after the other. He sticks both out in front and just pulls. Its hilarious! I recorded it...however, my video camera is being retarded and won't let me put it on the computer.

Everyone tells you that your life will be turned upside down when you have a baby. So I was pretty prepared for that. I don't think I was quite as prepared for how life would change once you have a crawler (or semi-crawler)! He's into everything..nothing is safe! No piece of dirt on the floor escapes his wandering eyes. I don't really want to baby proof the house because I want him to learn "no" and learn what he is and isn't allowed to mess with. But there's just some things that HAD to be moved for safety reasons.

He is also saying "da-da." At first we think it was just something he was saying randomly because he learned how to do it. But now I definitely think he knows what it means and always says it when he sees Matt or wants him. Its very cute! He's talking like crazy. Da-da is the only definite word..but he never stops rambling. If he wants my attention if I'm in a different room (since he doesn't seem interested in saying Momma) he will kind of yell in a playful way. He's learning how to communicate his wants and needs. It definitely makes things easier. We're teaching him sign language for the basics...more, drink, all done, etc. I kind of slacked off for a while and am trying to pick back up so he'll learn them soon. He's been doing some sort of hand signal that he thought was waving, but after he had his snack today, I think it might mean "drink." And its very similar to the drink signal. So that would be awesome if he was already signing! However, it might mean that he is thirsty all day long because he does it a lot!

That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there's more that our little rascal has been up to. He goes for his 9 month check up in a couple of weeks so I'll have an update then I'm sure. I feel bad that I don't even have any new pics of him to post! We have been so busy with the wedding and then editing photos, that I haven't even take any pics of my baby boy. I will post some soon, promise!


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