Saturday, July 19, 2008

Time has FLOWN by!

Our little Brody. We can't believe how fast you have reached 6 months old! It seems like yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital. You were so tiny in that big ole' carseat. Now I can barely lift the thing when you're in it! You bring us so much joy. Mommy loves watching you play with your two are hilarious together! You don't respond to anyone like you do to him..its so precious and the way it should be! You light up when he walks in the room and says your name. He is teaching you little "boy" tricks like sticking your tongue out and blowing. And you are so good at it! You're trying to sit up on your own and you are getting VERY close. We're so proud of you for trying to do so many new things on your own. We're having to keep a close eye on you now since you're always rolling and scooting. Before we know it, you'll be crawling around the whole house. You've definitely showed signs of trying already! You started eating cereal this week and it was quite funny! At first, when you wanted another bite you would stick your tongue out instead of opening your mouth. You wanted to eat it but couldn't figure out how to get that tongue out of the way. Mommy and Daddy couldn't help but laugh.

Brody Boy, you are so loved! We can't imagine our lives without you. Here are some of our favorite photos of your first 6 months!

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  1. So, for some reason I cannot read your blog because I cannot see the blends into your background because I think the brown for some reason isnt' showing...but I can see the wonderfully adorable pics! I must say, it totally makes me sad and somewhat depressed that these boys aren't playmates...they totally should have been...sniff sniff...Isn't it amazing how they have both grown so very fast! And so cute too! Man I miss you guys like crazy!!!! How cool would it have been to watch these guys interact..:( We are are there...At least we have pics!

    HUGS to your sweet precious family!


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