Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Evil Ants!

I've always hated ants. I know God had a purpose for putting them on Earth..but I've never found it. They make huge ugly mounds in your yard. They are destructive. And they HURT! Well, now my disdain for them has grown a million times over.

At 4am on Monday morning, I am awakened to the sound of Brody screaming. I ran to his room and scooped him out of bed bc I could tell it was a cry of pain. He stopped crying and I think "Ok, you screamed like that to get my attention!?" Silly boy! But, it was almost time for him to eat anyways so I went ahead and nursed him. As he was eating, I noticed a small bug or fly crawling on his face. The light was off in the room but I had the hallway bathroom light on so it was just enough that I could see him. I flicked the bug off, not thinking anything of it. A couple minutes later, I saw it again and thought wow, what a pesky little thing!

As I go to lay Brody back in his crib, I see them. Tons of them! Ants crawling all in his crib! I FREAKED! I hadn't seen them before bc my eyes hadn't adjusted to the light. But they were everywhere. Apparently, he had spit up in his sleep and they could smell it and came for it! Matt came running in, we stripped his bed of sheets and everything and attacked the ants with kitchen disinfectant bc I didn't want to put poisonous bug spray in his room. In the meantime, the sweet boy had fallen back asleep on our bed so I didn't really look over his body for bites. I saw a couple but thought, "whew, they didn't get him that bad." He slept with us the rest of the night and I just kept cuddling him and saying I'm so sorry.

The next morning I checked him over and oh my gosh! I was soo upset. He was ATTACKED! He has a patch of 5 bites behind his ear, another patch on his pinky, and then others scattered around his body. These aren't any ant bites..these are FIRE ANT bites! Fortunately he's not allergic bc they haven't swelled up or made him sick. He has been a little irritable bc of the pain and itching, but other than that he's ok. It upset me more than him.

We left town Monday morning to go see baby Cole so we didn't have to worry about him sleeping in his room then. Tuesday night when we got back, we still hadn't sprayed anything so he slept in the pack n play in our room. Today Matt was going to go get some safe spray that we could put in his room and then something we could spray outside. However, a friend of Allen and Dena's who owns a pest control business offered to come over and take care of the problem for free! How amazing is that! He put a very mild spray along Brody's baseboard and then destroyed the ones outside. He said because its so dry right now, they are burrowed underground and are looking for water. Thats why they came in our house.

So needless to say, Brody will probably have a stigma about ants his whole life. Or at least I will from now on!


  1. I so want to be able to read your blog. I had missed the last few posts. I don't know if it is my comp or what but your brown background isn't showing up still...sad. Hopefully, it will fix itself soon because I have no idea what is happening.

  2. We have had scorpions. The first night in the house Pearsy stepped on one. Then months later we saw one in the bathroom. Then Peyton was getting dressed and there was a huge one on her pants! I know when you build bugs become an issue but the scorpion problem is truly freaky!

    I am glad bitty Brody is not allergic it can be so scary when they are that small. When they cannot talk and say "Hey Mom there are ants all over my bed! Oh, and I have a whole bunch of bites how about some benadryl please?" Poor sweet boy!


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