Monday, July 28, 2008

Double Trouble

Look at these 2! Brody already loves his new cousin Cole. In the hospital, Brody just stared at him through the nursery glass. He couldn't take his eyes off of him. Then we went and visited yesterday and we were able to snap a QUICK picture of them checking each other out. Brody is quite the mover these days and was not a fan of laying still next to Cole. In college, people called Leigh Ann and I double trouble. I can already see it for these 2 as well! We're going to have our hands full!!

We had a sweet photo session with Cole as well..I'll post pics of those on my photo blog when I get them all done.



Brody was SO interested in what was going on with Cole. He was reaching at the glass and never took his eyes off of him. It was precious!


I love that the blanket says Future Aggie right between them. How cute! It should be some sort of ad for something Aggie related for sure! Hey Loupot's, need some spokesmodels?



  1. i love your banner! awwww, these two are super cute. 2 boys -- ya'll are going to have some wild times ahead. :)

    what are you doing wednesday? will you be around?


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