Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sooo Excited!

We get a nephew tomorrow (Monday)!! We can't wait! Matt's brother and his wife/my best friend are having their baby boy tomorrow. We're heading to Houston early in the morning so we don't miss a thing. I am so excited not only to get a nephew and to get to be an aunt, but also because I'm so excited to get to share this time with Leigh Ann. It's so fun that we will both finally have babies and so close together. They will be 6 months apart...6 months and 2 days to be exact. So soo close. I can't wait to watch our sweet boys grow up together, play, fight, and be best buds (we won't give them a choice). Brody is going to love baby Cole sooo much. I hope they let him see him tomorrow.

Please be praying for Leigh Ann as she goes into the hospital at 5am to start her IVs and get things started. We'll be praying for her as she is laboring and especially delivery. Delivery is never "easy" but we'll be praying for safe with no complications and everything will go smoothly. Pray for baby Cole that he is perfectly healthy and ready to take on the world.

We'll have pictures...but I won't be posting any until the mom and dad get to post them on their own blog. They should get to be the first ones to show off their new angel to the world! I feel like I'm having another baby or something..this is too exciting!


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