Sunday, January 22, 2012

Potty training: day 3 and beyond

The last few days I haven't been able to blog. So hopefully I remember how day 3 went. His pull up was dry when he woke up on day 3. We went through the whole day following the same method as days 1 and 2. He only had one accident the whole day and told me every time he needed to go. That night we had church and since I was working in the preschool, I requested to be in his class so I could keep an eye on him and reinforce our training method. He did great and asked to go twice while in the class.

Thursday,day 4, was Brody's Birthday. I wanted to be able to get out and do fun stuff with the boys that day. However, that morning I spent 2 hours putting together a Mario kart race track and the boys were glued to it all day. So we got to have an extra day at home to make sure we had this potty training thing down. We went to dinner that night with no problems.

Friday and Saturday we ran errands, ate out, etc and big Carson was a champ. No accidents, always told us when he needed to go, and never argued if we suggested he go before we headed out.

So, I would say that Carson is officially potty trained. We still remind him periodically, but he seems to really know what to do and is glad to be a big boy in underwear. It may have been nice to have it done before 2 1/2, but since it was so easy and he was so ready, the timing was perfect.

2 down, 1 to go....

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  1. WAY TO GO CARSON!! I showed Cole his pictures of going #2 to helpfully get him rolling on that part of the training process. Last week, Cole told us that he didn't want to poop on the potty until he was big like daddy. We keep naming all his friends (his age) that go. I am now telling him Carson is now going too, which is helping because he would always come back and say "well Carson and Claire go in their underwear. Not anymore! YAY!


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