Tuesday, January 24, 2012

mr. blue eyes

Like most nights, Brooks was being his adorable bubbly self tonight. So after bath time, I took some time to snap a few photos of him. And then, I remembered that I downloaded Picasa and decided it was the perfect opportunity to test it out. I'll give my full opinion of it at the bottom of the post..but first, the important stuff, Brooksy Boy!

Little froggy right out of the tub. 

 He loves this giraffe. He plays with it as he's falling asleep. 

 Oh that face. Gets me every time. 

I'm on my belly....oh, I rolled to my side...I made it to my back....and I'm so proud!
While I was playing around with Brooks, Brody asked if he could take some pictures of us. So, they aren't the best..but I think he did a fairly good job for a four year old!

So Picasa...I only downloaded it so that I could make quick collages. So my opinion may not be very helpful. As far as the collages Literally a minute, maybe, from start to finish. Select the pics you the collage style and presto. Its done. You can add borders, frames, etc if you want and then export them to a folder on your hard drive. So for collages...BRAVO. As far as photo editing goes, to me its far too basic. I guess for quick touch ups and making photos black and white, sepia, etc it does the job. I use photoshop as well as Adobe Lightroom for more detailed editing, so I guess it wouldn't be fair for me to compare. It also makes slideshows to music and other things that I haven't played around with yet...I'll get back to you on some other features. If anyone uses this and has any suggestions of cool things it does, let me know! I've heard great things and am just now trying it out. 

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  1. third collage, top right picture... he looks like carson.

    oh, those little cheeks just BEG to be kissed, don't they?

    missed brody-boy at church tonight! hope we see ya soon!


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