Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Potty training: day 2

Day 2 went almost the way I expected, but not quite as bad as I imagined. We woke up, went potty and got into underwear (his pull up was wet when he woke up). I immediately gave him a glass of milk and we all had breakfast. He didn't go potty for a while since he had gone during the night, as well as when he woke up. I was constantly pushing liquids and annoying him with the reminders to tell me if he had to go. He was standing in the middle of the drop cloth when he finally peed for the first time in his underwear. He screamed and said oh no! I need to potty. I feel like this was when the real training began.

We ran to the bathroom, he finished on the potty, and we talked about how he would try to keep his underwear dry next time. Probably not even 10 minutes later, he had another accident. We did the same thing over again. He probably had 5 or 6 accidents before naptime. About the fourth or fifth time I noticed that he was only starting a small bit in his underwear and catching it quicker.

Showing off Thomas. 
Legos are a new fave around here. We literally played for hours this morning.


After naptime, we had a mixture of both. Sometimes he'd tell me in time and we'd make it with no leaking. Other times he'd start in his underwear and finish in the toilet.

Pooping: before nap he acted like he needed to poop. I said tell me if you need to poo-poo. He said he did so we went in the bathroom. He grabbed the potty seat that Brody learned to poop on and put it on the potty. He sat for a minute then said he didn't need to go. We went back to play and 5 minutes later he said he needed to go again. We went back in and he got on the seat. He said he didn't need to go and I suggested that he sit a little longer and make sure. He then said he didn't like the seat. So I took it off and set him on the toilet backwards. He almost immediately started pooping. Of course there was lots of cheering and fruit snacks as a big prize. Unfortunately, about 10 minutes or so later, I smelled something. He apparently wasn't finished and had gone in his underwear and never mentioned it to me. Later in the day, after dinner, he ran to Matt and I to tell us he had to poo poo. When we got to the bathroom, he had started a tiny bit in his underwear but had stopped himself. He said "I stopped it!" He, and the rest of us, were so proud.

The first attempt to poop on the potty.
Overall, I feel like day 2 was successful. There were accidents but he seemed to learn from each of them and seemed to gain more bladder control as the day went on. So will he be fully potty trained after 3 days??? We'll see.


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