Thursday, May 26, 2011

Catching Up: Brody's Birthday Party

Yes, Brody's birthday was in January. I'm only 4 months late in posting this. But whatever. Don't judge me. I'm trying to catch up so that I can HOPEFULLY stay on top of it. I feel like our life has drastically slowed down so I really hope to be able to document all the sweet times we have as a family.

We did a wild west theme and I had lots of fun creating the decor! My Silhouette sure came in handy!

 Bandanas and Badges were the party favors. 

 Some yummy cowboy snacks

 The grub


 Can't have a wild west party without smores

 The banner I slaved over..and am not totally thrilled with.

 Uncle Brent being a cowboy.

That is Matt, not Brent, for those who are confused. He borrowed Brent's duds for pictures.


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