Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kid Craft Ideas

Calling all crafty, creative moms out there. I already have a few of you in mind so I better get some response from you :)

Brody craves artistic, engaging playtime these days. He wants someone playing on the floor with him, coloring, doing puzzles, going over letters, etc. And I'm stuck in a rut. I feel like we do the same things everyday and he definitely gets bored. He's at an age where I think he would really enjoy doing crafts so I've been researching online. There are so many ideas its overwhelming.

So I'm coming to you for help. I need ideas for a 2 1/2 year old. Letter and number activities, animal activities, painting, glueing, coloring, everything. Anything you've tried that your child loves.

Are there certain links you use to get ideas?

Also, where have you found a good deal on craft supplies? I plan on hitting up Target, Michaels and Hobby Lobby but I don't want to spend a fortune.

Come through for me moms. I won't name names but I expect a comment from a few of you in particular :)


  1. Well, I don't have a ton of ideas for you, but Hobby Lobby is super great and stuff is always on sale. If it is not, don't buy it. It will be on sale the next week. :)

    I did a lot of shopping there for VBS. They had that form paper type stuff for 99 cents then 40% off, big sheets, 12x18 or so. You could make lots of fun stuff with that just by being creative. Cuts easy and Brody could glue things on it.

    They weren't great with stickers though. I would try a teacher supply for that.

    Have you made any tot paks? If you buy the laminating sheets you can borrow my laminator. Do you want me to bring it tomorrow? Or you could get it next week.

  2. For whatever they are worth here are my ideas:

    Making artwork with stickers.

    Shredding different color construction paper and making pictures of shapes, numbers, etc.

    If you are super brave finger painting.

    Noodle crafts. You could print a big block letter or number and he could fill it by glueing noodles inside of it.

    Making necklaces with the BIG chunky beads.

    Making some kind of mobile with an old hanger and yarn.

    Making brown paper sack puppets, or sock puppets.

    Ok, those are some of my ideas that I could think of. I hope y'all have so much fun this summer learning and exploring! As much as I want Sawyer to stay a baby I can't wait to be able to do crafts and stuff with her!


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