Thursday, January 10, 2008

We've got a Melon Head!

We had a very informative dr appt today! We did an ultrasound to see how big Brody is. He weighs 5 lbs 1 oz. So he's doing great on weight. However...his head is measuring the size of a 38 week baby!! And did I mention that I'm 34.5 weeks! When Matt asked her if he was reading that right..she actually LAUGHED and said "umm..yea."

So as of now, his head is stinking big! That makes me a little nervous. That doesn't sound very fun to deliver! However, that's actually a very good thing that his head is big..that means it is developed and his brain is mature. It's not going to just keep growing and be like enormous if I made it full term. Which the doctor doesn't think I will do. Well, she doesn't think I'll make it to 40 of today....


I'm so excited. She said I can do things around the house and feel like a normal person again. I can't return to work or go out of town, but as far as normal activity, I should be good to go. However, resuming activity will probably bring on more contractions..and more intense ones that will lead to labor. But she feels perfectly comfortable with the way things are looking and if I went in to labor in the next week or so, everything would be fine. And Matt and I are comfortable with that too. We know that he is doing great and is developing as he should be so if he decides to come at 36 weeks...we know the Lord has His hand on him and everything will be ok. Things have "progressed" with me...I don't know how graphic I should be on a blog. Do words like dilating and effacing weird people out? Anyways...because of the "progression" and possibility of contractions now that I'm able to be mobile again, there's a good chance of him being born very soon. Not likely in the next day or two but in the coming few weeks. Or who knows..maybe he'll surprise us and stay in for a whole 5.5 more weeks until his due date. Who knows!


  1. I'm so glad you can move stuff around the house!

    You still better be taking it easy missy! No jogging laps around the neighborhood or anything like that. I want Brody to cook in the oven just a little longer.....but, it really isn't about what I want. I know the Lord will bring Brody when he is good and ready!

    Love you Palermo people!

  2. Oh poo! It was supposed to say 'AND do stuff around the house'. It looks like I'm giving you a command when if fact I meant to make a statement.

    You get my drift. I know ya do!

  3. Oh! I am so ready to meet him! Whether it is next week or 5 weeks, he is going to be so cute and have the best parents EVER! Love him already! And you too!


  4. This little guy is no melon head, just a smart little boy that will come out when he is ready.

  5. So glad you're off bedrest... at this point I'm not comfortable anywhere, so I can't imagine having to stay uncomfortable in one place's much easier walking around in my umcomfortableness:)

    Within the next week or so??? I'm so jealous!, maybe I should hold off saying that until/if you actually give birth early:) I've known several women who have "progressed" nicely and still went full-term... and I'm with the others when I say I hope he stays in there to bake a little take it easy as you're up moving around! I'll be watching the blog closely in the next couple weeks:)

  6. This is Kirby's sister, Avery, just wanted to say no worries about the melon head!! They told me Brynn had a very LARGE ROUND head. I was picturing Stewie the baby from Family Guy. They also said she was going to be a big baby (8-9 lbs). Turns out they were wrong on both accounts!! she had a very nice round head but tiny just like the rest of her (6lbs 8oz).

    The belly is precious, you look awesome!!

    Get as much rest as you can in the next 5 weeks. :o)

  7. Thanks for the encouragement Avery! Brynn is a beautiful little girl and I remembered her being tiny so that means there's hope for Brody haha. By the way, Avery is one of our top girl name choices!


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