Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Place of Our Own

Thought we'd leave you all hanging for a little while on the house situation :) We've been a little busy.

So here's the scoop...

For the last few months, we've been looking at houses (for fun). OUR plan was to buy a house in December after Matt graduates, or possibly not even until next May. I had tons of houses picked out in my head...of course none of them were in our price range. So we always just looked for fun on the internet.

Then..the Lord stepped in. A house that was way cheaper and smaller than what we thought we would be buying became available. At first we weren't excited about it at all..we thought it was too small for our "stuff." The Lord began to change our hearts and showed us that this what He had in mind for us. We realized we had so much "stuff" that we didn't need or even want/use anymore. We got rid of a ton of it and started the crazy process of buying our first home.

We had to get a sublease for our rental house..and wanted it subleased before school started because thats the best time to get someone to rent. The Lord provided a renter by the day after we put the sign in the yard! This was HUGE! We had 8 days until school started..and this family needed to be in the house before then. We started immediately painting the new house, packing, and moving with help from family. Even thought we hadn't closed on the house, the sellers allowed us to paint and move in early because of the circumstances. By the following Saturday, we were in!

We've sort of settled in..but still have a lot to do. There are things without a place and the baby's room still looks like a storage room. But it is slowly coming along. We are beginning to see the huge blessing it is and how great it will be to have our own house when this baby comes. We are going to do some minor construction on the garage to make a 3rd bedroom in order to welcome guests into our home.

Come see it! Its super cute and we love it..and would love for you to come hang out!

Sorry, no pictures to post yet. Guess you'll have to come see it in person! And to those of you who are waiting for a formal invitation..THIS IS IT! Just call to make sure we're home :)

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  1. Congratulations! Having your own house is such a big deal...that's so awesome, PTL! Can't wait for you to post pictures on here (especially when that sweet baby's room gets decorated!)


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