Thursday, August 16, 2007

Need a place to live???

We are looking for someone to sublease our house. We have a lease until December but have found an amazing deal on a great house that we have a contract on to buy. (Another blog post to come on this blessing.) So we are needing someone to sublease our house through the remainder of our lease..and they can continue the lease if they want to stay longer. And..they can move in pretty soon if they need to..definitely before school starts. We don't close until Sept 5 but the sellers are willing to let us move in early if we find someone to rent our house. Ok, so here's the details:

House is at 101 Moss St (Corner of George Bush & Texas)
3 bed/ 1 bath/ 1 car garage
huge backyard
hard wood floors throughout
Rent $700/month

This house is so stinking close to campus! It would be great for college students or a family. If you or anyone is interested, please let us know. I can't think of anymore details but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You can call me 409-201-5676 or Matt 979-229-8721 or email me. Please spread the word to your friends and keep your ears open. Thanks wonderful friends and church family!!
Love you all, Matt and Larra Palermo


  1. I apologize for not needing a house in your town right now (or in America for that matter)...but I wanted to leave a comment and welcome you to your 2nd trimester! YAY! I'm guessing you may be packing and moving and what not, but lets see a post of that 2nd Trimester belly! :)
    Hope you're feeling a bit better as well.

  2. Where's a new belly shot? Maybe I shouldn't be complaining...since I haven't posted in over a month! but I wanna see the growing belly! You're "officially" pregnant now!

  3. I agree with Kirby! I'm ready to see that cute belly of yours!

    Also, how is the house stuff coming along? Did you find renters and then did you end up buying the other? Details are a must. I forgot to ask at the wedding.

    Junk in da trunk!

  4. I need a belly/baby update! Hope that you're doing well, feeling well and looking great!

    Love you!


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